Regional Science Centre & Planetarium

The Regional Science Centre and Planetarium, operated by NCSM, Government of India, is located in the JafferKhan Colony of Kerala's Kozhikode district. 

With an emphasis on the Malabar region, the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium in Kozhikode works to spread science throughout Kerala.

It began in 1997 and now hosts around 1200 performances each year. The planetarium and science center are both situated on the same grounds.


• Numerous experiments and models are displayed in the gallery to foster a scientific mindset in society:

The center, which spans a sizable 4000 square meters of land, intends to promote science through active engagement and contact while raising knowledge of its frightening approaches and techniques.

The center also features three permanent exhibition spaces: 'How Things Work,' 'Hall of Textile,' and 'Fun Science.'

A library, a telescope corner for stargazing, a science demonstration area, a children's activity area, and other amenities are also available at the center.

• The 3D spectacle puts on another captivating performance certain to leave the audience in awe:

Two hundred fifty people can sit in the small, well-maintained planetarium on the property, which features a stunning combination show of the motion of the planets and the stars.

• Witness the spectacle of exuberance:

The German company Carl Zeiss's projection technology illuminates the entire space and mesmerizes everyone who has the chance to see it. In addition to high-quality 3D theatres, it includes science display halls and mobile and traveling science exhibitions.

• Engaging and educative initatives leave you enlightened:

Through interactive exhibits, a planetarium, 3D theatres, and other activities, the center offers the ideal environment for learning about science:

• Other kid-friendly activities include play areas and mirror magic.

When you enter the center, stop by the entomology section, often known as the Giants of Nature. Another important draw is the sizable aquarium. 

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Regional Science Centre & Planetarium

Jaffer Khan Colony Rd Near New Bus Stand, Kozhikode 673006 India

Opening & Closing time of Regional Science Centre & Planetarium

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
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Regional Science Centre & Planetarium

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