Kozhippara Falls

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Kozhiparra Waterfalls is abundant in natural beauty and has a serene, tranquil atmosphere, much like most waterfalls do. The waterfall's mellow sound and the mist's cloak-like appearance combine to give the scene an otherworldly quality. The waterfall's picturesque beauty isn't the only thing tourists can do; they can also go swimming and hiking.


• It is a beautiful scenic location in Malappuram's highlands.

It is abundant in natural beauty, and the surroundings are serene. Deep rocks that have held water for thousands of years gradually become powdery and float due to quickly evaporating water.

A beautiful river that flows through the center of the jungle and is bordered by coconut trees and other lush vegetation can be found in Kozhippara. Around this waterfall, you can see both common and rare species of plants and animals. The wonder of seeing parrots, macaws, toucans, and parakeets fly overhead can be experienced by visitors as they stroll through.

• Kozhippara waterfall is a great location for a picnic.

This is a wonderful location for a picnic where you may gather with friends and share food. This waterfall, which is a favourite picnic location for both locals and tourists, cascades down from a height of 9.1 metres, and the best part is that visitors can see the rainbow that forms when the sun's rays hit the water. The travellers may unwind while enjoying the peaceful and cool surroundings around the fall, where they can also take wonderful pictures of it with their camera

• One of the best waterfalls, it provides many options for adventure seekers.

Rich forests and rugged terrain ideal for rock climbing and hiking surround this area. Visitors to this location immerse their heads in the waterfall and cool themselves in the river Kuthradampuzha, which is the main draw. The location is breathtaking, and soaking beneath the waterfall is very safe. 

• It is one of many places in India that promise to be energizing because of its extraordinary beauty.

Many people visit this amazing waterfall to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the rainforest and the surrounding serene countryside.

The main attraction is the Kuthradampuzha River, where visitors can immerse themselves and wash their heads in the cascade.

• Consider staying nearby for a staycation:

Additionally, nearby hotels include Sattva-The Awakening Garden (2.87 km), Sahydri Weekend Cottages (5.02 km), and Pinnacle Inn (3.26 km). 

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Address of Kozhippara Falls

Kakkadampoyil On Malappuram-Calicut District Border, Kozhikode, India

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