Mananchira Square

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In the middle of Kozhikode city is where you'll find Mananchira Square, built around the Mananchira tank. A natural spring supplies water to the enormous artificial pond that the King of the Zamorins, Mana Vikrama, constructed.


• The land surrounding the tank has been developed into a park, complete with lawns, trees, and other flora:

Old-world allure is helped to be preserved here by features like the arch that sits at the entrance and is defended by guns belonging to Tipu Sultan and the antique buildings surrounding Mananchira Square.

The park features several interesting attractions, such as an artificial hill, sculptures, an open-air theatre, and a musical fountain.

The classic architecture of the public library built on the premises fits in quite nicely with the overall atmosphere of the area.

On a traffic island nearby is a bust of S. K. Pottekkatt, who won the Jnanpith Award for being a distinguished Malayalam writer.

• Marvel at the architecture:

Mananchira is an artificial freshwater pond surrounded by the architectural complex known as Mananchira Square. This pond is supplied with fresh water by a natural shower.

The feudal lord of Kozhikode at the time, Zamorin Mana Vikrama, constructed the pond in the area around the 14th century as a bathing pool. Manachira Maidan was the previous name for the Square and was historically significant for its football.

It played host to a large number of matches as well.

• The calming impact of the crystal clear water is a direct result of the tranquility of the setting:

A haven of tranquility can be found within the hustle and bustle of Kozhikode's streets. Today, with its open theatre, fabulously groomed lawns, and musical fountains, it serves as a glimpse of architectural history in the center of the metropolis. People from all over the world come here to have a memorable evening in the middle of the exquisite beauty of a park adorned with verdant trees.

• Get insights into pieces of historical importance:

An artificial hill and impressive-looking structures characterize it.

Because its architectural style is considered traditional, it has been preserved to give the impression that it dates back to ancient times.

• The park offers its guests a variety of imaginative treats in the form of sculptures:

The sculptures can evoke a variety of sentiments and can be interpreted in several different ways. It is the nerve center of joy and constructive energy. The statues' aesthetics and the concepts they portray are meticulously magnificent in their own right.

The Dinosaur, V.K.Krishna Menon, Pathummayude Aadu, and, last but certainly not least, a Sculpture of Jacek Tylicki are some of the statues and sculptures that can be found here.

The Sculpture of Jacek Tylicki, commonly known as the 'Give if you can; Take if you have to' statue, symbolizes compassion and humanity distributed throughout the world. Anyone willing to contribute can put anything they want in the box. Likewise, anyone struggling financially is welcome to take some for themselves to use.

• Soak in the views of blues and greens:

It is relaxing to go for long walks surrounded by natural scenery.

Consequently, you have the opportunity to go for a stroll in the clean air of the Square. It is a wonderful spot for children to run around and play.

To take a break from the hectic pace of city life, you can take a little respite here on the Square by having a picnic. 

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Address of Mananchira Square

Around Mananchira Tank, Kozhikode, India

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