No dream is too big for Mumbai to achieve, so India refers to it as the 'City of Dreams'! And in this city, diversity reigns supreme!

You can eat in Mumbai at fine dining establishments and food trucks. You can choose between riding in the convenience of a chauffeur-driven car or using the nearby train. Mumbai offers slum tours for those who want to see the city's shantytown and some of the best hotels available for creature comforts!

Mumbai's Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a stunning reserve that also houses the city's tiger population, offers trekking opportunities for those who enjoy getting their hands dirty in the mud.

But if you'd rather get your feet wet, Mumbai's extensive coastline provides you with various options, including yachting and parasailing.

Mumbai is a fusion of British colonial influences, art deco-style buildings built during India's first economic boom after Independence, and traditional Indian architecture and structures. It has many historical and cultural sites that tourists from India and other countries can visit. One of the most recognizable structures in Mumbai is The Gateway of India. A shining black statue of Shivaji that is situated right next to the Gateway represents the pride and bravery of the Maratha dynasty.

The religious sites here are visited by everyone, regardless of caste, creed, or religion. Siddhi Vinayak and Maha Lakshmi Temple are two of the most well-known Hindu temples. Located on the water, the well-known mosque Haji Ali Dargah is particularly popular during the holy month of Ramadan. Large Christian church Mount Mary Church in Bandra, gets crowded around Christmas.

Additionally, 'Chor Bazaar' (Thieves' Market) is a place to visit even though it is not one of Mumbai's top historical or cultural locations (but make sure you are aware of your pockets and bags).

Over 150 years have passed since this market first opened.

We'll leave you with a Danny Boyle quotation about Mumbai as our final statement: 'Really, what you learn about Mumbai isn't as important as what you know about yourself. It's a bizarre, vintage hippie myth, but it's also true. Throughout this experience, you discover much about yourself, your tolerance, and your inclusiveness.

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Helpful tips for Mumbai

  • Suburban trains will be crowded during peak hours i.e., morning and evening
  • You can find some fast trains which do not stop at some stations, so ask before boarding the train *If you are planning to travel in auto, make sure that it has a meter
  • Ferry service is the most cost-effective way to get to Elephanta Caves
  • Many places are declared as No Selfie Zones, so be aware before you plan on clicking any
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