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When you pass Chowk Yadgaar, the busy streets of Qissa Khawani Bazaar welcome you to a little street called Sethi Mohalla. For generations, Qissa Khawani has served as the hub of global commerce. Travelers would pause to rest and hear tales in the renowned Qehwa shops. Sethi Mohalla is evocative of the past housing constructed by the affluent Peshawari people. Seven Havelis built-in essentially the same style can be seen on a roadway that is less winding and turning than typical streets in walled cities.


Learn about the residents of the palace:

The mohallah is home to seven South Asian palaces that the Sethi family constructed, renowned Peshawar traders. With commercial hubs at Mazar Sharif, Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarqand, and other Asian cities, the Sethis were merchants who operated in China, India, Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia.

Feel like you are walking in another era as you traverse the corridor:

The visitor is reminded of the glory days when the home entertained many guests despite the fountain not being in working order. Four large rooms surround the courtyard, all connected by similar hallways.

The Tehkhana (basement), Dalan (square), and Balakhana (main floor) are the three sections of the house (first floor). A large open courtyard with a fountain in the center can be reached from the main gate.

Admire the elevation and construction patterns:

Each room window has a consistent angle at which it faces the courtyard. The window glass's reds and greens are reminiscent of post-renaissance artwork in European churches. Small glass shelves intended to hold candles—which shine like stars in the sky at night—are placed inside the mehraabs. The ceiling was created using only the traditional Islamic style.

Mehraabs can be found inside the rooms, just as in a mosque. It's possible to gaze at the ceiling for hours since Islamic art is so beautiful and exquisitely simple but complex.

Delve deep into the intricate features of architecture:

The wealthy Sethi family constructed these Havelis, rare examples of architectural wonders. The colonial era's need for elaborate buildings is satisfied, bringing to light the honor of the family who poured their hearts into its construction. Their design was influenced by the local architecture of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, and they represent a fusion of Gandharan and Central Asian art and architecture.

Appreciate craftsmanship at its finest:

It would be unjust to discuss Sethi architecture without bringing up the exquisite woodwork, which may be what distinguishes these homes from others. The gorgeous floral patterns on the doors, windows, and arches are proof of the skilled craftsmanship of the time. To let heat escape from between the havelis' roofs, wooden bridges connect them.

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Sethi Street, Is Off Shot to Bazar Claan Road Near Gor Khatree Complex, Peshawar, Pakistan

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