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A well-known landmark in Peshawar is Chowk Yadgar, often known as 'The Square of Remembrance.' It is a must-see for every traveler because of its prime location in the center of Peshawar's historic walled city. THINGS TO DO AT CHOWK YADGAR:

Learn about the cultural and historical elements:

Monuments are constructed to honor notable events and people, whether majestic structures, gorgeous statues, or magnificent water features.

A memorial to the heroes of the 1965 Pakistan-India War was built by Colonel E.C. Hastings' friends in his honor. This location has served as the hub of Peshawar City's political and cultural activities and a place for older men to gather.

The terminus of 'Ander Shehr Street,' also known as 'Jewelers Street,' is located west of Chowk Yadgar. The 'Naz Cinema Road' (just in front of Forward High School) is where Jewelers Street begins and ends at Chowk Yadgar. In the center of this tiny lane is where you'll find the well-known Mohabbat Khan Mosque entrance.

The Cunningham clock tower, also known as Ghanta Ghar, is located east of Chowk Yadgar. It was initially constructed in 1900 to honor the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen Empress but was later named after Sir George Cunningham, a British civil servant who arrived somewhat later.

After going through the Bird Market, where songbirds are sold as pets in tiny cages, the main street from 'Peepal Mandi flows towards Chowk Yadgar. Study the architectural details:

The ancient monument, however, was destroyed, and a roughly 100-foot-tall concrete arch was built when the square was dedicated to the heroes of the 1965 India-Pakistan War.

With time, Peshawar's 'Modern White Marble Arch' came to represent the city. Unfortunately, this monument was also destroyed, and in the early 1990s, it was rebuilt with another 'Dome Shaped' building that now sits atop an underground road link. The magnificent dome-shaped monument known as 'The Square of Remembrance' in Peshawar is situated in the center of the former walled city. It was constructed in 1892 AD in Colonel E.C. Hastings' honor by his friends. This ancient structure in the center of the square serves as a location for senior citizens to gather and remember the heroes of the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. Study the structures:

Most homes in the Chowk Yadgar area are constructed with unbaked bricks supported by timber frames as an earthquake safety measure. Most historic homes have heavily ornamented wooden balconies, and several have wonderfully carved big wooden doors.

Standing in the middle of Chowk Yadgar, a bystander can still see some of these balconies.

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Center of the Old City, Peshawar, Pakistan

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