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The Mahabat Khan Mosque, also known as Mohabbat Khan Mosque, is a mosque from the Mughal era built in Peshawar, Pakistan, in the 17th century. The mosque was constructed around 1630 and is named for Nawab Mohabat Khan Kamboh, the father of Nawab Khairandesh Khan Kamboh and the Mughal ruler of Peshawar.

Unquestionably, this mosque—is among Peshawar's most well-known tourist destinations. Fourteen thousand people can worship simultaneously inside this famous mosque and its courtyard.


• Learn about the inspiration behind the monument:

The spotless white Mahabat Khan Mosque, which bears the name of the former Mughal governor of Peshawar, Nawab Mahabat Khan, is a magnificent reminder of the splendor of the Mughal Empire. He had erected it in the seventeenth century while serving under the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan and his son, Emperor Aurangzeb.

• The breathtaking exteriors will amaze you with the grandeur:

Witness its opulent tiled interior while also getting a fine view of the square and minarets from the historic caravanserai to the mosque's east.

On top of the main entrance, two large minarets are surrounded by six tiny ornamental minarets. The side yard features a tranquil ablution pond with blue tiles in the center, two rows of storage spaces on either side and a large prayer hall in the middle.

• Recall the eastern influence by admiring the beauty of flowers and geometry:

This mosque immediately comes to mind as one from the Mughal era when you look at it because of the ornaments and ornamental themes. The inside and the outside include panels decorated with flower themes and Quranic calligraphy.

The inside of the prayer hall is protected and elegantly ornamented with floral and geometric motifs beneath the three low-fluted domes.

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    2 hours

Address of Mahabat Khan Mosque

Andar Shehr Mohallah Baqir Shah, Peshawar, Pakistan

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