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Khyber Pass, a mountain pass built in northwest Pakistan at an elevation of 1,070 meters (3,510 feet), connects the town of Landi Kotal near the Afghan border to the Valley of Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its entire length is 53 kilometers. This mountain pass was named after the Spin Ghar (Safed Koh) Range, a group of shattered, desolate hills through which it passes.


• Cultural sites are worth a visit:

The Pass has long been regarded as an important section of the ancient Silk Road and has tremendous historical significance.

• Ali Masjid Fort

• Bab-e-Khyber

• Fort Jamrud

• Fort Bala Hissar

• Market Qissa Khawani

Enjoy delicacies:

Many traditional roadside eateries may be found while traveling down this mountain pass as you enter the valley of Peshawar in Pakistan. The Khyber Pass is home to a number of these establishments.

You can visit one of the restaurants listed below to savor expertly prepared regional specialties in a conventional setting.

1. Ali Baba Restaurant

2. Khyber Shanwari Tikka

3. Shahzaman Restaurant

4. Khyber Friends Dining Room

5. The Khyber Charsi Tikka

Notably, most of these eateries feature a male-dominated dine-in atmosphere that might not be appropriate for families.

• Witness the Economic Corridor:

Khyber Pass offers a straightforward route between South Asian nations. An essential road link for Eurasian trade has traditionally been the Khyber Pass.

The current route of this mountain pass connecting Peshawar and Torkham is relatively small. It can only accommodate 9,110 vehicles per day due to the steep grades that slow down heavy traffic like goods-laden trucks and passenger buses.

For traders, bystanders, and passengers alike, the construction and enlargement of the road under the Khyber Pass Economic Corridor project will be a relief.

As anticipated, the road's capacity will increase by more than 6,600 vehicles daily after the repair.

• Its lengthy past will fascinate you:

If you enjoy learning about the past, this Pass is fascinating. Because famed Afghan conquerors Muhammad Ghori, Turkic Mongols, and Mahmud Ghaznavi entered over this Pass, it is also crucial to Muslims and Pakistan. Additionally, the invasion of Mahmud Ghaznavi and others is one of many events in its history.

Insaaf Hotel, Pakhtunkhwa Hotel, and PTDC Motel Torkham are some hotels close to this Pass.

• Don't forget to take some old photos at the pass:

The settlement of Landi Kotal, which is known for smuggling anything from consumer goods to AK-47s, is located at the top of the Pass.

Weapons manufacturing plants and hashish storage facilities are attractions for the truly adventurous traveler.

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Address of Khyber Pass

Grand Trunk Rd, Peshawar, Pakistan

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