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In the historic city of Peshawar, Pakistan, there is a neighborhood known as Sethi Mohallah (Urdu: ), also known as Sethian Mohallah. The Sethi family constructed seven South Asian homes for the mohallah, each with intricate woodwork carvings and fashioned in a manner resembling Central Asian architecture. The late 19th century saw the completion of the dwellings.


• Learn about the historical value of the site:

The Sethi House, built by the wealthy Sethi family in 1886, is a masterpiece of architecture that reminds visitors of the glory of the past. It is situated in a small alleyway called Sethi Mohalla near the historic Ghanta Ghar in Peshawar, about a ten-minute drive from the bustling Qissa Khawani bazaar.

After being transformed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government into a full-fledged museum, Sethi Moh Sethi House Peshawar, a historical structure from the British era, has distinctive architectural value and eye-catching wood artistry.

• Admire the architecture of the structures:

Mohallah Sethian has seven Havelis built in almost the same style, signifying an affluent Sethis passion for estheticism. The Havelis were inspired by Muslims and the local architecture of Bokhara Uzbekistan.

The Sethi family, known for their work in the wood and furniture industries and whose trade reached Central Asia, introduced innovations in the design of homes, mansions, and other structures, as is clear from the Sethi House, demonstrating their unmatched architectural talent and ardent devotion to Muslim art and architecture.

• Explore the passageways:

Visitors were drawn in by the courtyard's four enormous rooms connected by hallways. Each room's window faces the yard from the same angle and has colorful glasswork that exudes remarkable aesthetic attractiveness.

The reds and greens in the window panes, reminiscent of post-renaissance art in European cathedrals, were imported from Belgium. The glass cut pieces were used to create a unique architectural mash-up. Its exquisite floral patterns on the doors, windows, and arches are evidence of the skilled craftsmanship of the time's craftspeople.

• Absorb the scintillating visits from above:

Sethi House is a paradigm for contemporary green architecture because of its well-constructed ventilation systems and distinctive architectural airy forms. Get greeted with chilly air and a birds-eye view of Peshawar's surroundings, which are the site of a more than 3,000-year-old civilization.

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Sethial St., Peshawar, Pakistan

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