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The British Museum was the world's very first national public museum. The museum first started its construction in 1753 and first welcomed visitors in 1759. It was the world's first national museum dedicated to exhibiting and explaining the entirety of human knowledge. 

In 1852, the structure was finished with cutting-edge materials and methods, including concrete floors, a cast-iron frame filled with London stock brick, and Portland stone for the façade. Get virtual access to more than 60 galleries at the British Museum. Many interesting things can be found in these exhibit halls. 

How to explore the British Museum? 

  • In 1823, King George IV's son presented to the British people a library filled with more than 65,000 books owned by George III. This library, now known as King's Library, is open to the public as the Enlightenment Gallery. 
  • You can experience three thousand years of Egyptian history in the Egyptian gallery. Experience a close encounter with the Rosetta Stone and the Statue of Ramesses II there. 
  • The Africa Galleries display the continent's rich cultural heritage and creative variety. 
  • The artifacts housed in Room 70 chronicle Rome's transformation from a provincial center into an imperial powerhouse. The artwork in the collection spans around a millennium, beginning with the city of Rome's mythical founding. 
  • A pediment was built on top of the columns on the Great Russell Street entrance. The pattern on it supposedly depicts the eight steps of civilization's development. Check out this unique structure at the entrance. 
  • Centered in the Museum's Great Court is the Reading Room. After its completion in 1857, it quickly gained international renown as a landmark and a hub of scholarly pursuit. 
  • Check out Weston Hall's grand stairwell. The Weston Hall ceiling is inspired by ancient Greek temples' ornate designs and colors. 
  • The British Museum's Queen Elizabeth II Great Court is Europe's largest covered public square. The Reading Room is located in the center of this two-acre expanse, which is surrounded by a stunning glass ceiling. The Totem pole sculptures in the main court are not to be missed. It is crafted out of wood, and the quality is superb. 
  • Go to Ford Center, which accommodates many youngsters with specialized facilities and various individualized educational programs. 
  • There is a restaurant in the museum's courtyard. It is the spot to go to if you are in the mood for some exotic British coffees and treats.
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Address of The British Museum

Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG England

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