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For more than a thousand years, Mattancherry has been a magnet for explorers, traders, and adventurers from all over India and the world. These individuals have all left their mark on a region already abundant in the world's finest spices and exotic ingredients.

The restaurant gives you a taste of Southern India's world-class cuisine and the best of India – a mix of flavors, ingredients, textures, and tastes that can only be found in Mattancherry, also known as "India in 3 Square Miles."


• Learn about the history behind the development and evolution:

Mattancherry extended a cordial greeting to every immigrant community that settled in her territory and gave them numerous opportunities for economic and cultural advancement.

Many communities, such as those Jews, Konkanis, Gujaratis, Jains, and Marathis, made the area their home because of the generosity of the kings who ruled over Cochin in the past.

Even in modern times, Mattancherry is home to people speaking various languages and belonging to various ethnic groups.

There are churches, agraharams, mosques, and a synagogue all co-existing in the area, in addition to buildings from the colonial era. This is indicative of both a thriving history and a peaceful present.

Cathedral of Our Lady, Protectress of Life

The Palace in Dutch

Paradesi synagogue

Tower of the Clock

Jew Town and the surrounding antique shops

Cemetery for Jewish People

The Jain Temple, the Tirumala Devaswom Temple, and the Spice Market in Kochi

• Begin your adventure at the Mattancherry Palace:

It was a magnificent present that the Portuguese merchants brought to King Veera Kerala Verma. It stood tall and proud. The palace has two stories and was constructed in the traditional "naalukettu" (quadrangular) style of Kerala architecture. It is very ornate. Egg whites, lime, plant juices, and charred coconut husks are combined with egg whites to make the flooring. The ceilings have intricate designs carved out of wood and brass cups. Aesthetic mural paintings are used to decorate the interiors of the building.

Spend some time here learning about the lives of the Kochi kings before continuing to the nearby Paradesi Synagogue, which is for foreigners.

• Travelers would be transported back in time to a world filled with antiques and rustic allure if they took a stroll through the busy roads of Jew Street. Kochi's Jewish synagogue is the oldest continuously operating synagogue in the Commonwealth.

• The area between the Synagogue and Mattancherry is home to several shops that specialize in selling antique items:

From Jew Street, the busy lanes of Mattancherry lead to old, run-down buildings mostly inhabited by fishermen. Jew Street is in the center of Mattancherry. There are a variety of brightly colored shops, restaurants, and artifact stores along the street that leads to the Jewish synagogue. It is stuffed to the brim with antiques, such as the tiles sourced from China and the dangling chandelier from Belgium.

Also explore the neighborhood for the clock tower and the Jewish cemetery while you're there.

• The Jain Temple of Dharmanath is a haven of peace top:

The temple is the focus point of the Mattancherry Jain community, and it can be found in the neighborhood known as the "Gujarati Colony."

It is a haven of tranquility amid the mayhem because it is constructed almost entirely out of white marble.

Address of Mattancherry

Kochi (Cochin) India

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