Chinese Fishing Nets

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Go to the Vasco da Gama Square, a slender boardwalk running down the coastline at Fort Kochi. From there, you will have the best view of the nets. These wooden stationary lifts, referred to as 'Cheena Vala' in the local Malayalam language, have fascinated travelers for hundreds of years. 


• Not only are they stunning to look at, but you will be astounded by the techniques that they use to fish with them:

The enormous cantilevered Chinese fishing nets that hang over the water like oversized hammocks have become a distinguishing feature that visitors look for while looking for Fort Kochi on a map of tourist destinations. It used to be nothing more than fishing equipment, but nowadays, it is a major attraction for vacationers.

• People typically just come close to these nets to take pictures. 

It is undoubtedly one of the places in Kochi that receives the most photographs. Either the time just before sunrise or just after sunset would be ideal for this. At this time of day, the lighting is just right; if you're lucky, you'll experience a stunning Malayali sunset with a rainbow of colors! 

When viewed against the backdrop of the setting sun, the image of Chinese fishing nets hanging in midair and lined up on the beaches is stunningly lovely.

• A first-time spectator will find themselves mesmerized by the leisurely rhythm and careful balance of the net:

The Chinese nets, constructed out of teak wood and bamboo poles, are designed to function according to the idea of balance. Each construction is approximately ten meters tall and is anchored to the sand, and it features a cantilever extending approximately twenty meters and a net attached. Each fishing net is operated by a group of more than four fishermen, and it is constructed in such a way that the weight of a single person stepping on the main plank is sufficient to cause the equipment to be pushed down into the water. After lowering the net into the water for a brief period, it is carefully hoisted back into the air by pulling on the ropes.

• Enquire as to whether or not the fishermen wish to sell fish: 

Fishing with these nets is not just a publicity stunt for the local fisherman; they do it every day. The vast majority of the time, these will already be shown on ice in the tiny cabin next to the fishing net. Engage in price negotiation based on the weight of that fish. 

After making your purchase, you may bring it to one of the stalls close to Vasco de Gama square, and the vendors there will cook it for you and serve it with rice or other side dishes. 

Address of Chinese Fishing Nets

Fort Kochi Beach, Kochi (Cochin), India

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