Edappally Church Complex

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The St. George Forane Church (Edappally church), one of the state's oldest Roman Catholic churches, is located in Edappally, a town about 10 kilometers from the city.

It is one of the oldest churches in Kerala, after the seven churches founded by Thomas the Apostle in the first century AD (23 April). The church was originally dedicated to the Marth Mariam (Virgin Mary). A larger church was built next to the previous one in 1080 AD to accommodate the congregation, which had significantly increased in size.


• Learn about the history and religious sentiments:

The Catholic Church decided to raise this great Church to the rank of a National Shrine Basilica due to the countless marvels of Edappally St. George. The primary deity of the church is supposed to have the ability to heal ailments and drive out snakes. In this sacred place, more than 100,000 holy masses are held annually. Tens of thousands of people cross religious, caste, and racial barriers to arrive here with the flame of faith burning in their hearts in search of comfort and peace through the intercession of their heavenly patron. 

• Admire the architecture:

The church complex is a wonderful destination worth visiting because of the way the interior of the building combines the East with the West through numerous Indian decorations and drawings alongside European church carvings. 

It stands out for its abundant structure with a lovely golden dome, numerous exterior altars, and numerous windows that allow light to enter the interior.

A major draw is a portrait of the Virgin Mary encircled by angel figurines. Other sights include a statue of St. George on a horse and a depiction of paradise that hangs behind the altar.

• A nine-day festival is celebrated annually as part of the Feast of Saint George:

Go during the nine-day festival celebration to see the pomp show with fireworks and flashing lights. People strongly believe that if they offer something to the saint, they will receive it and protect them from snakes and other reptiles. The principal offering at the church on feast days is the offering of birds. The statue of the saint, which depicts him riding on a horse and slaying a gigantic serpent beneath the horse's hooves, is thought to be tied to this religion. People welcome it in front of their homes with betel leaves, crushed rice, popped rice, and colorful fireworks.

The church also hosts rituals like vedi nercha, soolam ezhunnalickal, adima, etc.

Address of Edappally Church Complex

Edappally Road, Ernakulam, Kochi (Cochin) 682024 India

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