Accra is the capital and industrial and cultural center of the Republic of Ghana, West Africa. The city is in the country's south, on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Its architecture combines colonial, traditional, and modern cultures, giving it a distinct aspect.

Tourists come from around the world to see the cultural and historical attractions, the flamboyant African people, the rich and unusual traditions, and the comfy beaches. However, not long ago, Accra was only a large commerce city. The tourism industry in Accra has only recently begun to flourish. But that hasn't stopped it from reaching new heights.

Step-by-step guide for your tour:

Make your way to Independence Square. On the Jamestown Peninsula, this is Accra's most important landmark.

There is also the Independence Arch, which has a star on top, signifying emancipation from colonizers.

Visit Jamestown's magnificent colonial structures and the fish market for the best seafood.

The National Museum, which opened in 1957, houses a collection of African American ceramics, woodwork, and bone.

Admire the works of Ghanaian sculptor Eric Anang.

The Aburi Botanical Garden is located 30 kilometers northeast of the city. It features a vast collection of African flora, including over 640 species.

Pay a visit to the Ghana Playhouse Drama Theatre.

Makola Market sells unique souvenirs, jewelry, and other items.

Visit the medieval fortification of Osu Castle, also known as Fort Christiansborg or Asher Fort, which serves as the seat of Ghana's government.

Discover African flora and fauna in the Shai Hills Resource Reserve, which has 400 plants and animal varieties and 90 bird species.

From Akosombo Dam, take in the breathtaking grandeur of the Akwapim hills. Enjoy the grandeur of Lake Volta by walking through cocoa, coffee, and banana farms.

At one of the city's beaches, you may sunbathe on the white sand, participate in water sports, and learn about the flora and wildlife of the Gulf of Guinea. Pram Pram, La Plage Beach, and Labadi Beach are the most popular beaches.

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    Akan, Ewe, Ga, Dagaare, and Dagbani, with English
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Helpful tips for Accra

  • Everything is done in a very official manner.
  • Because there aren't usually street signs and most buildings have a technical address based on the land register rather than a street address, there is a unique Ghanaian manner of delivering directions.
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