Bojo Beach

One of Ghana's most exquisite and spotless sandy beaches is Bojo Beach. This is not a luxurious resort; rather, it is a modestly priced, quiet, and comfortable location. It gets chosen by many tourist families and coworkers for a Sunday holiday.

The beach is situated 30 kilometers (km) west of Accra, the nation's capital. The beach at Bojo sits on an island that is wedged between a saltwater sea and a refreshing stream that is 100 meters wide. This position is what distinguishes Bojo most from other beaches. It is only accessible by boat if you want to get on it.

It will leave you on the Atlantic Ocean Bojo Beach which has a tiny stretch of sand that is smooth and white. Payment for admission includes transportation when you arrive or canoe to the beach. You can take a cab or a hired automobile to travel from the city to the point of departure and the beach.

The beach is unsheltered and exposed, yet the sea air, specifically designed little canopies, immovable umbrellas with thatched tops, and loungers make it comfortable.

Additionally, visitors can hire plastic seats in which you can carry, umbrellas, and tables. You can comfortably arrange and set up to enjoy a restful beach day by renting beach equipment. Visitors to Bojo can enjoy the beach bar, swim, tan, and rest while taking in the breathtaking views of the sea and the setting sun.

Caution is advised because the bottom may not always be level in those areas. Although the ocean off the coast of Bojo isn't usually calm and occasionally has rather large waves, families with young children frequently go to the beach. The rescuers and lifeguards, who are always on the scene, watch out for all the swimmers and the children splashing in the water. Bathers and children are asked to leave the water when there are large waves.

If one wants to see the waves, they can visit at the start of the year. The average annual temperature in Ghana is between +24 and +32 degrees. You should keep in mind that desert winds blow from the north in the months of January and February, albeit their impact on the coastline is essentially nonexistent. The best time to visit the beach is in the summer because spring and autumn have rainy seasons.

Tourists can stay in a variety of hotels near the beach. There are many resorts, which contain a bar, a private beach area, a restaurant serving both foreign and local cuisine, and an outdoor swimming pool that offers the greatest location and service.

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    6 hours

Address of Bojo Beach

30 km west of Accra, Accra, Ghana

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