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The Accra Zoo has drawn over thousands of visitors, the majority of whom are international students from various grade levels. It has amused and educated thousands of non-Ghanaians and Ghanaians about some of the tropical creatures here in Ghana. Somewhere deep inside the dense Achimota jungle is where you'll find the Accra Zoo.

The Achimota Forest borders Abofu to the East, Dzorwulu to the West, and Abelemkpe to the South and is relatively close to the Achimota School. You must find the main entrance, which is located right across from the Achimota Branch of the Forestry Commission, to enter the Achimota Zoo.

There are numerous women and cab drivers selling beverages and sweets waiting for customers to use their services. Visitors can purchase tickets at a tiny office of the Forestry Commission, which is there before entering the forest. These tickets can be used to access and explore any area of the forest within the boundaries for any permitted activity.

The Accra Zoological Garden is a 30-minute walk or 5-minute drive from the forest's main gate. The path leading into the forest is very uneven and sandy; it is less than ideal, yet it leads directly to where the zoo is. There are no barriers; it is a clearing in the middle of a forest, with plenty of cages and some ducks and geese wandering around freely and filling the air with their quacks. Given below are the animals in the zoo:

The extremely endangered Roloway Monkey and the endangered White-naped Mangabey, in particular, have been actively seized and saved by the entire Zoo team. On the advice of the European Endangered Species Programme, some monkeys and apes were seized from the pet trade market, while others were imported from European zoos (EEP).

WAPCA, to maintain genetic and everlasting diversity and to guarantee robust and healthy captive populations, exchanges animals with other European zoological collections. Tortoises, crocodiles, snakes, a duiker, warthogs, reindeer, rabbits, an ostrich, an emu, a hyena, a donkey, a jackal, and many other creatures may be found in the Accra Zoo. Birds of many sorts, including Senegal Parrots, a crane, and African Grey Parrots, can be found in an aviary. The aviary houses have numerous other birds as well as macaws. Visitors will want to take pictures of them since they are so colorful and react to people in unique ways.

The fact that many visitors are permitted to handle the non-venomous and calm royal python and engage with it as well as snap pictures with it wrapped around their necks or arms is another attraction. This is like the best moments of a trip to the zoo since it inspires so many people, especially kids, to conquer their concerns.

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North on the Independence Avenue, Accra Ghana

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