Osu Oxford Street

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Due to its active nightly activities, this street, which is the most populated in Ghana, was named after the renowned Oxford Street in London, United Kingdom. The 'West End' is another name for Osu Oxford street.

A well-known roundabout honoring Dr. J. B. Danquah connects Osu Oxford Street to Ring Road. Oxford Street is a well-liked gathering place, particularly on weekends and holidays. It's a popular destination for lovers and wonderful for bringing the entire family together on special occasions.


  • In Osu, you'll discover some of the best stores for buying groceries for your home. Tourists preferred grocery store is Koala because they meet all of the essential needs.
  • On and near this street are also where you'll find the nicest restaurants. One of the top Chinese restaurants serves a variety of foods and is called Dynasty. Frankie's is another restaurant you can rely on. It is a lovely area to 'relax' and features a well-known ice cream shop. Above it is a luxurious hotel.
  • Restaurant 'Papaye' is renowned for its cuisine and affordability. Paye, as some call it, enjoys high patronage. A plate of food typically serves two people. On Osu Oxford Street, 'Container' is located directly across from 'Papaye.'
  • There are various restuarents located here. There are frequently acrobatic performances and live music, especially on the weekends. Another fast-food restaurant that focuses on burgers is 'Steers.' It's just a McDonald's or Burger King knockoff.
  • Local food is available at the Osu Night Market around the clock. Another great location to have Banku and spicy tilapia are the Osu Blue Gate.


  • Modern nightclubs are frequently visited by nocturnal. It's highly advised to visit Makumba and Ryan's Irish Pub. The free women's night on weekends contributes to a portion of their clientele. There are musical clubs and pubs in the British tradition, such as the easily accessible Ryan's Irish Pub. There are now casinos, gaming facilities, and Internet cafés everywhere.


  • Every stylish or in-style item is included. Almost every corner of the street has a boutique. A high-end store called Monte-Carlo carries unique collections from well-known international designers.

  • The neighborhood kiosks squeeze into any available area on the roadway. These stores typically offer native trinkets and accessories to showcase Ghana's rich culture. There is also a tonne of electrical shops, such the Sony Centre and Somovision Ghana, to mention a couple.
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Oxford St No 22, Accra Ghana

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