The charming city of Rouen, the capital of Normandy, is ancient, enchanted, and medieval. There are a ton of amazing places to visit here if you are traveling in Northern France. The city of Rouen is well known for hosting the trial and execution of Joan of Arc (the French heroine was burned at stake). A lot of museums here display her life's story.

Plan a trip to Normandy now for the region's untamed coastline, authentic French food, and hospitable residents. It has been well-documented throughout history that the city has a fantastic art scene, and this is still true today.

Rouen, which is historical and far from the shore, is frequently passed over in favor of more well-known locations like Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo, and Étretat. After all, it is not located near any other interesting locations but along the Norman coastline. Every year, there are also 'champagne fairs.' There is a lot to see, including medieval buildings, towering spires, and delicious food.

Since so many of Rouen's streets are still pedestrianized today, going on a walk does feel like going back in time. What is not to love about a place with no automobiles, cobblestone streets, a harbor, and even an antique district?

Numerous cobblestone streets, one of France's most spectacular clock towers, and a cathedral that once stood as the tallest structure in Europe are just a few of Rouen's top attractions. When the sun sets and twilight falls in Rouen between June and September, you will even be treated to a free light show at the cathedral.

There is no disputing that Rouen is extraordinarily attractive, whether you wish to visit some botanical gardens, use it as a base to explore the Normandy region's rolling hills, or just want to take pictures of cityscapes (complete with timber-framed façades)!

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  • you should never leave your valuables lying around or unattended.
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