Jardin des Plantes

The historical center of the National Museum of Natural History houses the Jardin des Plantes, which has been enhanced by four centuries of scientific exploration (National Museum of Natural History). It welcomes thousands of tourists daily, together with hundreds of researchers and students. In its numerous buildings, it keeps the majority of the Museum's naturalist collections. This remarkable location serves as a museum, a botanical and zoological garden, a research facility, and a university all at once. It is singular and multifaceted. It has 11 gardens, 6 venues open to the public, 2 venues to host free cultural events.

How to explore Jardin des Plantes?

- You can study about 1000s of plants like 8,500 species or varieties, 8,500 perennial herbaceous plants, 2,000 trees including veteran trees planted by naturalists from the 17th century, 2,500 shrubs, 80,000 seasonal plants, and 2,000 greenhouse plants.

- Live a new experience in augmented reality to discover extinct species at Grande Galerie De L'Évolution. Eleven animal species that are either extinct or critically endangered are brought back to life in this new augmented reality experience. You are suddenly immersed in the worlds of animals from all over the world, whether it is deep in the ocean, a Thai jungle, or the calm of an African plain. Also, get a chance to play some multimedia games in this gallery.

- Nature is present in all its forms throughout the Ménagerie, the zoo of the Jardin des Plantes, a huge woodland area spanning many hectares. Follow the paths and you will eventually come to the kennels and buildings that house the zoo's many inhabitants.

- Discover some of the 11 gardens, which include an alpine garden, a rose garden, an ecological garden, and a rock garden. It’s a maze and has endless delights to offer.

- Visit the geology and mineralogy gallery, which houses 6000 remarkable collections. Another fascinating feature of this exhibition is the 20 giant crystals.

- Get lost in the midst of all the brilliantly bright flora in the greenhouses, which range from primitive aquatic plants that conquered the world to drought-tolerant plants. Visit the greenhouses here to return to the origins of man!

- Bones and organs galore can be found at the Galerie de Paléontologie et d'Anatomie comparée. The current vertebrates of the natural world are juxtaposed with extinct life forms to create a fascinating display.

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    3 hours

Address of Jardin des Plantes

114 T av des Martyrs de la Resistance, 76100, Rouen France

Opening & Closing time of Jardin des Plantes

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