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The Basilique Notre Dame in Nice is the largest church in the city, and the cathedrals influenced its design in Paris and Angers. This neo-gothic structure may be found on the highly commercial avenue Jean Médecin, located in the city's center. It is dedicated to Mary to preserve the memory of the past cathedral located on the castle hill of the city.

Between 1864 and 1879, shortly after the county of Nice became a part of France, the Notre Dame de l'Assomption Basilica was constructed. This was done as part of an effort to make the city more French and modern. It was erected in 1925, and Pope Paul VI elevated it to Basilica in 1978.


Embrace the intricately thought out interiors and exteriors:

Its two towers, each measuring 31 meters in height, and its remarkable stained glass all contribute to the building's stunning appearance. A big rose window on either side of the door depicts different scenes from the Mysteries of the Assumption.

The contents of the Bible are nearly entirely depicted by the various hues and shades of the elements in the basilica. There are a significant number of artworks that are devoted to the worship of the Mother of Jesus.

Admire the views of it while you browse the neighborhood:

Because of its central location in the city, it provides you with a breathtaking panorama to take in while you are out doing your shopping. At night, it is illuminated to provide a dazzling display of multicolored and enchanted light. Come here after the sun sets to witness various colors rising from the structure. 

Attend sacred ceremonies and prayer services here for cultural insights:

In addition to the regular services, sacraments, and festivities, it also serves as a location for gatherings and cultural activities. Recitals and concerts are held there frequently throughout the year, and you are welcome to attend any of them if you choose.

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Address of Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice

37 B avenue Jean Medecin, 06000 Nice France

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Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice

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