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This public square in Graslin-Commerce is definitely worth a visit.

However, there is a tonne more to see nearby.

Place Royale is conveniently close to the Jules Verne Museum, Nantes Cathedral, and Chateau of the Dukes of Brittany.

Things to do at Place Royale:

  • Find out about its significance about, the history and the characteristics that set it apart:

In 1852, the Place Royale was given its definitive name for the first time.

It is distinct from other royal locations in France in that no statue of a French monarch can be found there.

After the medieval ramparts were taken down, the Place Royale in the middle of the city of Nantes was designed in 1786 and laid out the following year, in 1790.

It serves as the focal point of a cohesive group of buildings constructed for the event and responding to classical architecture. These buildings were constructed to host the event.

  • Count the significant events that have taken place here over the years, as well as how it is interwoven into the social lives of the people who live here:

It has played host to brands that have indelibly etched themselves into people's minds, and it has continued to pursue its commercial mission in the twenty-first century.

In addition to having significant symbolic meaning for the city, it is a popular gathering place for artistic, festive, or political activities.

  • Unravel and travel in the various routes that diverge out of it:

Nine streets — rue Crébillon, rue de la Fosse, rue de Gorges, rue La Pérouse, rue d'Orléans, rue du Commandant-Boulay, rue d'Arche-Sèche, rue Saint-Julien, and rue des Vieilles-Douves — serve the square, which is entirely covered in granite blocks.

  • Examine the structure, as well as how it makes a statement:

The river and maritime history of Nantes are commemorated by the city's grand fountain, which was opened to the public in 1865.

The pyramidal shape of the structure is formed by the superimposition of three granite basins, the lowest of which is shaped like a square and is located at ground level. The representation of the city is a symbolic statue made of white marble (the others are made of bronze), and it depicts a crowned woman holding a trident.

  • Pay a visit to relive the experiences of fine dining and browse the Christmas market that was held here:

You'll find the Café Continental near the intersection of the rue Crébillon and the axes of the street; it featured 750 seats, a mezzanine, and had been home to an orchestra since the late 19th century.

The Cafe Continental was succeeded by the Taverne de Maitre Kanter and the Taverne Royale, which is still in business today.

  • Please don't forget to take a picture in front of the site that has been around the longest:

The Grande Pharmacie de Paris, which opened its doors in 1900 and is now called the Pharmacie de Paris, holds the distinction of being the oldest business still operating on Place Royale.

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Place Royale, 44000, Nantes, France

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