Le Voyage à Nantes

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Le Voyage à Nantes is in charge of promoting the cultural infrastructure that Nantes has established and, more generally speaking, the Nantes Métropole destination as a whole. 

In addition, the site always puts on an event that offers a varied program of artistic recommendations for the surrounding community. 

  • Embrace the truncated version of Nante quickly: 

It is possible to get the impression that it is difficult to explore all of Nantes' binding sites in the allotted period, given the city's rich history and diverse cultural offerings. Have no fear; the Voyage to Nantes is ready to assist you in every way! You are a traveler who is interested in discovering Nantes. You're a riverboat captain; have you ever heard of Nantes? 

  • Take part in the numerous activities:

The yearly event is known as the Voyage to Nantes, a gathering that will take you to some of the most stunning spots in the city.  The trail is approximately 10 kilometers long and features more than fifty distinct stages that people of every age, whether traveling alone, with their families, or in groups of friends, can experience.  The schedule for the trip to Nantes includes the travel routes, destinations, and activities.

  • Find out more specific information regarding the annual event here: 

A route resembling an urban tourist trail allows travelers to enter the city and discover the hidden crannies that the Dukes' metropolis offers. An itinerary that emphasizes the importance of not missing anything along the green line route, including the cultural events, notable structures, works of art, and other distinguishing features of the Voyage à Nantes destination. Along its path, temporary installations appear in open public spaces. Because of this, you shouldn't be surprised if you see people walking on the beach at the construction site, children playing around a tree with a basket balanced on top of it, a giant mechanical elephant, or palm trees in full Place Royale. 

  • Travel and unravel at one of the amenities to keep the entertainment coming in:

To assist you in decompressing, you can take a drink in a bird's nest and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city, or you can treat yourself to a social lunch on board the Loire at the Voyage Cantine. In addition, there will be musical performances, concerts, fest-nos, river cruises, and festivals celebrating world music or jazz: 

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Address of Le Voyage à Nantes

1 rue de Crucy, 44022, Nantes, France

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