Passage Pommeraye

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Even while you could get the impression that you are wandering around the exhibit halls of a museum, the Passage Pommeraye is, of course, a popular place to go shopping. 


  • Retail therapy is a must due to the exciting atmosphere and perfect shopping experience that the location provides:

The covered walkway, which was built in the 19th century, today has a large number of small shops owned by independent merchants as well as a few cafes. You may find all the major businesses in this area and your favorite shops, such as Hermès, Arche, or Nature and Discoveries. 

  • Gain an understanding of its importance and place in the context of the present: 

Residents of Nantes, who treasure this luxurious and dazzling sanctuary in the middle of this bustling western French city, have praised the passage since it first opened in 1843. 

The three storeys, constructed on a steep slope, are encircled on all sides by a substantial number of retail establishments and an impressive architectural stairway. 

It is a paradise for shoppers who need a fix and has been the source of inspiration for a great many artists, including Tardi and Demy (Lola, Une Chambre en Ville).  

  • Find out about the demand that led to the creation of such a channel: 

There was a time when the area where the pedestrian walkway is now situated was known for its high risk and high level of criminal activity. Establishing a spot where city commuters could go safely, where merchants could display their wares, where coffee shops could sell beverages, and where flats could be created on the top floors was the objective of the passage. 

  • When you think back on the images from a movie, the setting will throw you for a loop and surprise you: 

Because it is so incredibly unique and beautiful, Passage Pommeraye has, unsurprisingly, been utilized in the background of many film scenes in recent years. Lola, directed by Jacques Demy; La Reine Blanche, directed by Jean-Loup Hube; Une Chambre en Ville, directed by Jacques Demy; and Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, directed by Jacques Demy, are some of the most well-known films that were shot there. 

  • Appreciate the very best there is to offer in terms of both quality and superiority: 

The Pommeraye passage, made up of three stories and centered around a central staircase, is a remarkable example of the superiority of the European architecture of that century because of its abundance of aesthetic and architectural details. It is impossible to mention all of the gems and one-of-a-kind characteristics of Passage Pommeraye, which amazes with its opulent décor and veers between Louis-Philippe eclecticism and neo-classicism. The one-of-a-kind structure, the lavish decoration, and the beautiful ambiance include imposing stone portals, white stone columns with carvings, vaulted ceilings decorated with carved motifs, wrought iron balconies, oversized windows supported by metallic arches, figurative sculptures, and medallions honoring local celebrities. These are just some features that make up the building. 

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Nantes, France

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