Basilique Saint Nicolas

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The Basilica Saint-Nicolas is a historical landmark in Nantes that was built in the nineteenth century. Jean-Baptistes-Antoine Lassus constructed it.

This building replaces another church that had grown too small and cramped to accommodate all of the faithful.

Things to do at the Basilique Saint Nicolas:

  • Admire the oddity of the structure which is beautiful:

The Saint Nicholas Basilica was built in the 19th century. The 25-year construction project got under way in 1844. The construction of the bell tower took at least 15 years.

It is an oddity that the Basilica of St. Nicolas is oriented on a north-south axis. Neo-Gothic style dominates its architecture.

Its structure is notable for having a tower with eight golden arrows from which guests can observe a sizable altar that has been intricately carved and a unique monument.

  • Delve in the beauty of alluring interiors:

The Basilique Saint-Nicolas de Nantes is notable for its pointed towers, stained glass windows, beautiful pillars, and complex decorations on the stone-exposed walls. All of these elements contribute to the building's overall beauty.

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    2 hours

Address of Basilique Saint Nicolas

5 rue Affre, 44000, Nantes, France

Opening & Closing time of Basilique Saint Nicolas

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