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The Museum of Home Arts is a specialized institution dedicated to presenting the world of home art and the creative art of coordinating collectibles and colors. Nestled within its walls is a collection of peculiar ancient artifacts, each boasting a history that spans over 70 years.

Step into the enchanting world of this museum, and you will discover an intriguing journey through time and space. Each exhibit categorically portrays the method of establishing a home, reflecting the distinctive tastes and values of different communities. From the opulent palaces of the East to the elegant abodes of the West, you are transported to various epochs, understanding how different societies have expressed their creativity and individuality within their living spaces.

The galleries within the museum beautifully demonstrate the evolution of home art through the ages. Ancient artifacts and timeless pieces evoke a sense of nostalgia, while modern displays showcase cutting-edge design concepts that blend tradition with innovation. It is a treasure trove of knowledge for architects, interior designers, and enthusiasts alike. Its comprehensive presentations offer invaluable insights into the cultural nuances that have shaped the art of home design.

How to explore the Museum of Home Art?

- Observe the creative coordination of collectibles and colors in various displays.

- Learn about the art of arranging houses and palaces in different societies, both Eastern and Western.

- Gain insights into the cultural and historical significance of interior design.

- Marvel at the evolution of home art through the ages

- Discover innovative design concepts that blend tradition with modernity.

- Immerse yourself in the beauty of cross-cultural aesthetics.

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    2 hours

Address of Museum of Home Art

Al-Kala, Al-Hamra'a, Jeddah 23321, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Museum of Home Art

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