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Aziz Mall, a must-visit location in Jeddah, is committed to creating an energetic and distinctive upmarket shopping, dining, and entertaining atmosphere for the whole family. Aziz is one of Jeddah’s top locations for high fashion in all categories and will not disappoint. It is synonymous with success and flair. It serves as a mid-market customer and is located in a Jeddah neighborhood with a high population density. 

Six gates, four travellators, eight escalators, and two elevators provide entry to the two-story mall, anchored by a first-floor Hyper Panda. With a wide variety of retail businesses, there is a favorable flow from the ground to the first floor. 


Giordano, Samuel & Kevin, and more men’s fashion retailers are located in the mall. You can buy fashionable clothing for your spouse at stores like Bossini, Fashion Queen, and Livaa. Trendy children’s clothing is available for your children in stores like Reemas Kids, Gap Kids, Carter, Monsoon Kids, Ginger Shops, Pumpkin Patch, and Orchestra. At Damas & Al Romaizan, you may also seek the most trendy jewelry.

Kid’s Arena

Aziz Jeddah Mall has a dedicated area for children’s goods, which includes their clothing and toys, as well as a specific entertainment area where kids can spend their greatest hours of play, amusement, and happiness. There are two entertainment spaces in the mall. Billy Bees (aimed towards children), Sparky’s (intended for the entire family). Both of these locations provide fun activities and rides. 

Entertainment and Sports: Aziz Mall in Jeddah now houses the newest Muvi Cinemas building, designed by Chapman Taylor. The immersive Screen X and muvi Xperience experiences are part of the nine-screen theatre. The top regional, Hollywood and Bollywood movies are shown in this theatre, which has seating for up to 1,300 people. Its urban downtown motif inspired the architecture of the state-of-the-art cinema complex, which aims to produce a dynamic, cutting-edge, and creative cinematic experience. Internal spaces are distinguished by an upscale yet industrial material palette, which includes exposed concrete, exposed steelwork, exposed brickwork, and timber. Large displays that show various sporting events and breaking news are unique features of Aziz Jeddah Mall. These screens ensure that visitors are not bored while shopping and are satisfied with their purchases.


Many of the cafes are elevated in a modern design, and they stand out for their elegance, attractiveness, friendliness, and the high caliber of their services. Also, McDonald’s, Burger King, and others serve beautifully presented and delicious meals.

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Address of Aziz Mall

Prince Majid, Al Faisaliyah District, Jeddah 126359 Jeddah 21352 Saudi Arabia

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