Jeddah Water Front Park

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This is, without a doubt, the spot everyone enjoys; it is a place that immediately and effortlessly delights and refreshes your heart.

Standing there, by the fence that surrounds the sea, or on the platform that rests on columns embedded in the sea, which is locally called 'Seqallah' - which translates to 'scaffold'—you will witness the most picturesque scenery at six in the sunrise, as the light crawls over the waterfront to seem like, with all of its sculptures and details, a gigantic canvas.

Shops: You will not find a better shopping destination than the Red Sea Mall, which is the closest to Jeddah Waterfront; this most preferred mark in Jeddah is only a ten-minute drive away. Whether you decide to shop before or after dining, you will not find a better shopping destination than the Red Sea Mall.

Seaside cafes at Jeddah Water Front Park

At the Waterfront, a wide variety of creative Saudi cafés will welcome you with open doors. These cafés offer outdoor seats with a stunning view of the Red Sea; some have a panoramic view; others offer sidewalk dining in the middle of people's bustling and laughing, and others have upper floors with a view of the entire city.

  1. The Section-B restaurant is widely regarded as one of the best burger spots in the area and is situated only six minutes from the waterfront. A trip there is certain to satiate all of your senses.
  2. You'll discover BACO, an Asian restaurant nine minutes from the waterfront. They provide dishes that range from tiny to medium in size, allowing you to sample a variety of their cuisine without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. You will be blown away by the delectable dishes from the eastern cuisine served at the elegant Lebanese restaurant, Beit Ward, located nearby.

  • Playparks: There are designated playparks on rubber flooring that have been expertly constructed to shield children from harm and provide a high level of safety. These playparks also feature the most up-to-date and innovative playground equipment that remarkably matches the color shades of the sea and the greenery that is located around.

  • The Stride Towards Mediation: You will have the opportunity to experience deep meditation as your lungs soak up the fresh sea air of Jeddah. This excursion is perfect for getting to know the locals who exemplify the coast's characteristic airiness and sweetness. You'll feel as if you've won a free ticket to an open sea museum so that you can gawk at the incredible works of renowned artists like 'Henry Moore' and 'Jean Miró.'

  • Track With Joy: There is a sports track that is 4,500 meters long that runs along the waterfront of Jeddah. Here, you may jog freely while taking in the warm sunlight and the lovely sea wind. You can also explore the area for a short time on one of the brightly colored light bicycles, which are available for rent.
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Address of Jeddah Water Front Park

Cornische Road, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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