Bicycle Square

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Be prepared to be awestruck as you visit the Midan Addarajah, more commonly referred to as the Bicycle Square and home to the giant bicycle sculpture. The 15-meter-tall (50-foot) bicycle is one of the creative roundabouts dispersed across Jeddah. It has a length of 25 meters from one end to the other. In addition, there is a sculpture of a spare wheel located approximately ninety meters from the same gigantic circle. The discarded pieces of metal used to fashion these sculptures were from a long-abandoned marble plant that Mohammed bin Laden originally founded. This knowledge alone makes for an intriguing tidbit. It is more than just an amusing piece of contemporary sculpture; it also represents the city's difficult battle to preserve civic beauty in the face of parched nature.

Highlights from the Bicycle Square

  • The size of these Jeddah landmarks is stunning to the eye, and they are all deserving social media photos that will impress your friends. Public art comprises objects in Jeddah, and there aren't any statues of leaders or heroes in the nation because the Muslim faith forbids portrayals of the human form.  

  • It is illuminated at night by floodlights, the color of which is constantly altered. It is a beautiful city landmark that dominates its surroundings and stands out from the crowd. It is the most effective technique to identify the neighborhoods in an international port city with multiple languages.

  • Regarding style, it is more of an exception than a rule. It significantly strays from several thematic threads that run through the other works, including science, technology, nature, the sea, and the kingdom's Islamic past.

  • Hang out in the area known as Bicycle Square and marvel at the giant bicycle sculpture that has completely taken over the appearance of its surroundings due to its regal beauty

  • Take a moment to take in the enormous work of art designed by the Spanish artist Julio LaFuente. During the evening, you can be awed by the sparkling lights, and during the day, you can catch a peek at the sculptures.
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Address of Bicycle Square

Jeddah Saudi Arabia

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