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Indian Railways, the largest rail networks worldwide, serves as the country's primary means of transportation for two centuries. The National Rail Museum honors this incredible network and will astound you with its impressive display of India's rail legacy, antique locomotives, unique displays, train rides, and more. This unique museum, which spans 11 acres, offers attractions for children and people of all ages and a delightful educational experience. THINGS TO DO AT THE RAIL MUSEUM:

1. Admire the incredible collection of Indian Rail History Discover 160 years of Indian Railways with the help of the museum's extraordinary collection of old pictures, letters, memorabilia, and functional and static train models. Each exhibit has a tablet with information, ensuring a fun and instructive visit. 2. Contemporary Indoor Section will leave you spellbound: The indoor gallery's unique collection, which includes historical documents, train models, railway infrastructure, and interactive exhibitions, will astound every visitor. Additionally on display are various signaling devices, telephone networks, Indian railroad outfits, vintage railroad decor, and function Object() { [native code] } plates from businesses that make locomotives. 3.The Outside Museum is a treat to stroll through for surprise elements: The vast outdoor gallery, designed to resemble a railway yard, is home to a range of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives and an intriguing assortment of wagons, carriages, armored trains, and rail cars. For over a century, these original life-size exhibitions have been kept and renovated for years. In addition, the museum's outdoor area contains a turntable and a rail garden where models of trains traversing India's various landscapes are shown. 4. The Rarest Displays reveal the evolution of technology: Fairy Queen, the oldest operating steam locomotive across the world, is the most well-liked exhibit in the museum's eclectic collection of artifacts around the globe. Additionally on display is the Patiala State Monorail, one of the few operating steam monorails. The Morris Fire Engine, the only one of its kind with rubber tyres, is close to the entrance and should not be missed. 5.Travel back in time with the antique locomotives and coaches of India's princely states through the Royal Collection: The Prince of Wales Saloon, the Maharaja of Mysore's Saloon, and the Maharaja of Baroda's Saloon are three of the royal coaches on display. Look into their windows to see the opulent and majestic interiors of the imperial trains of that era. Some of the original 'Palace on Wheels' coaches are also housed in the National Rail Museum. 6. Capture moments and treasure them in souvenirs: Don't miss out the chance to take pictures with some of the rarest and oldest locomotives. Additionally, visitors can purchase a copy of the NRM Times that features their photo on the front page. 7.Enthralling Rides and 3-D simulations will take you for an adrenaline rush: You can experience several locomotive types with the Diesel and Steam Simulators, take a virtual 3D Coach Ride, and board the Toy Train to relive your childhood as you travel through the enormous outdoor galleries. Patiala State Monorail rides are also available on Sundays. 8. Watch out for the fun calendar of events: The National Rail Museum arranges events for individuals of all ages, including exhibitions and panel discussions, in addition to school visits and summer camps. The museum always celebrates Museum Day and Children's Day with a lot of zeal, unique events, and competitions. 9. The Rails Dining Room awaits you to indulge in wholesome meal times: Want to eat a regal meal? This restaurant features a distinctive service train that chugs around the restaurant providing food. It was inspired by the model railway of the Maharaja of Gwalior's banquet table. 10. Exciting Memorabilia is a greast keepsake: Take home not only wonderful memories and exciting information about Indian Railways but also a fascinating selection of souvenirs, including train models, posters, postcards, clothing, books, and more.

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