Jardins de l'Europe

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The Jardins de l'Europe is a lovely collection of gardens that offer stunning views of Lake Annecy. At the center of the park, which has a canal, monuments, and a variety of trees, a network of walking pathways comes together. To unwind and take in the breathtaking views, visit the Jardins de l'Europe and sit on one of the many seats positioned along the banks of the lake and Le Vassé canal. 

Things to do in Jardins de l'Europe

  • Take a stroll around the lake's edge and look at the different boats that are being kept here. Listen to the quacks of the ducks and other aquatic birds that share these waterways with the vessels as you walk along the wooden piers. Wander among the many trees, some of which are gigantic redwoods and ginkgo Biloba. 

  • Spend some time reading or taking a sunbath in a grassy area. Draw or take pictures of the swan-filled island known as Île des Cygnes, which is home to numerous birds. 

  • The recognizable Amours Bridge may be seen at the park's northernmost point. Test the fable that couples who kiss in the middle of the iron bridge will be together forever when you arrive with your significant other. Once your relationship is stable, look at the striking statue of Claude Louis Berthollet, a physicist and vice president of the French Senate in the 18th century. 

  • Take into account the fascinating past of this park, which was once built on a swampy island that was beyond the old city walls. Several hundred years after the region had been used to segregate contagious plague sufferers, the gardens were cut in 1863. Today, there is no entrance fee and it is always accessible to the public. 

  • In the eastern part of town, you can find the Jardins de l'Europe, which has a view of Lake Annecy. Take a bus to a stop on the street that serves as the park's western border. Discover some of the town's most shining gems by exploring the unique environs, which include the Pâquier Esplanade, the Église Saint Maurice, the Amours Bridge, and the Palais de l'Île.
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Address of Jardins de l'Europe

Quai Napoleon III, Annecy, France

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