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First and foremost, the cathedral is built in the classical Gothic style. However, as you travel around, you will notice that the final facade created is considerably softer, indicating the Italian influence during the Renaissance. This facade is divided into three levels by vertical pilasters.  Two bay windows and a Gothic rose window in a pointed arch are examples of Gothic-style components. The Lambert family's arms can be seen above the main door. This family supported the cathedral's construction and lived directly across the street from it. 

Attending a service allows you to appreciate the strength of the organ, which is designated as a historical monument and weighs many tons. It was built in 1842. The modest bell tower houses two bells, the heaviest weighing three tons. They are the creation of the Paccard Foundry, which is still in business and has a bell museum in Sévrier, near Annecy. 


It was once an old chapel of the Cordeliers monastery, built between 1535 and 1538 at the request of Pierre Lambert, a Churchman. In 1538, the city of Geneva embraces Protestant reform, and members of the Catholic Church flee to Annecy. The bishop of Geneva was then invited to the Saint Pierre church. 

During the French Revolution, the edifice is deconsecrated and converted into a temple dedicated to the goddess Reason. The church was accorded the status of the cathedral of the diocese of Annecy in 1822. Because the cathedral is surrounded by structures, it is difficult to see them all during your visit. It is recommended that you stroll around to the right to reach a square with a forum that provides a better view of the structure. A canal that runs beneath the cathedral can be seen from Rue Royale. 

Take the pedestrian street Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Saint-Pierre d'Annecy cathedral, which is a stone's throw from the Old Prisons, which we also recommend you see. By walking down Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, you may see the Saint Maurice church, which has a radically different architectural style.

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Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 74000, Annecy, France

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