Venice is a history buff's paradise because it was established in the fifth century CE by Roman Empire refugees. The ancient site of St. Mark's Basilica, built in the 11th century, alone is worth the trip. The Grand Canal is the best place to view Venice's most elaborate palaces' water-facing facades. Take a gondola or traditionally called traghetti ride down the 3.8 km (2.4 mi) long Grand Canal to see the grandest palazzos' Venetian gothic and renaissance facades.

Built on more than 100 islands, it is known as Italy's floating city. The absence of roads in this city and the presence only of canals and winding streets is one of its most intriguing features. Small coffee shops and obscure art galleries line the water streets that lead to St. Mark's Basilica. The basilica's interior is decorated with 4,200 square meters (45,200 square feet) of gold mosaics and an altarpiece that is set with nearly 2,000 precious stones.

The grandest of Venice's palazzos can be found lining the Grand Canal. These buildings are examples of Renaissance architecture. In the past, this area of the Balkans was a sovereign republic that reached all the way to the island of Crete. Here are some reasons why we think everyone should make the journey to this unique city at least once: the February Carnival, the biennial contemporary arts festival, and the fun of getting lost in an ancient floating maze.

Lounging in Venice's traditional bars, collectively known as Bacari or osterie, and munching on Cicchetti, small bites typically paired with a glass of local wine, is one of the city's pleasures. Tramezzino, fried mozzarella, and slices of bread topped with seafood like fresh fish are some delicacies of common Cicchetti. Try Al Timon for a seat on a wooden boat on the canal or Al Merca for a prosecco, soda water, Aperol, or Campari cocktail as the house beverage.

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  • The summer months and school holidays are more crowded than autumn, spring or winter. It is better to book your trip to one of the calmer months. Weekends are also more popular than weekdays.
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