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You arrived in Kas and checked into your hotel; perhaps the trip there was exhausting for you.

In this scenario, most of us would be looking for a place to go that involves little to no travel time.

However, most excursions to Kas are so exciting that being exhausted won't prevent you from venturing outside and exploring.

The solution to these internal debates about whether to go out or stay in is Small Pebble Beach. It is an excellent option for those wishing to enjoy the seas of Kas without travelling too far because it is close to the town's heart.

Despite being in the middle of town, Small Pebble's waters have been recognized with a Blue Flag for their exceptional clarity.

This beach is modest and appears to be concealed between two cliffs, and as suggested by its name, it is entirely covered in tiny stones.

Things to do at Small Pebbles Beach:

  • Admire the beach beauty:

The beaches of Kas are diverse, but they all have rocky karst seascapes and cliffs enclosing blue waters in common. Due to the majority of the coast being pebbly, the waters are special tones of turquoise, making them the stuff of postcards. But there are also sandy beaches in the area that are perfect for families with little children. You will have an urge to stop the car and swim in every bay you drive past. For more conventional sunbathing, it balances the drama of dark, volcanic stones with softer expanses of golden sand.

Just walk through this vegetation and descend.

The entrance is obscured by plants and is simple to overlook.

  • Sprint on the sun-warmed pebbles to the water:

In Kas, the ground, the rocks, and the water are all priceless. The best diving location in Turkey is the old city that emerges from the water. You are very likely to observe both fish and sea turtles because of Kas' pristine habitat. Additionally, there are semi-tropical fish because the waters are so warm. Additionally, a sunken tank, ship, and spectacular underwater valley are all present in these waters. Alternatively, sit down at one of the cafés along the water to see the fisherman. Keep things simple and close to home.

  • Good food and jazz music are a match made in heaven:

Kas is the kind of spot where you can spend the entire day swimming in the water and unwind while listening to jazz. We also suggest dinner, which includes a salad of salted greens and roasted red peppers along with some goat cheese puree. Sometimes the location may change into a location for an outdoor jazz concert, a neighborhood tavern with loud Balkan music, or a location for tastings that may develop into a gourmet event.

  • Stargaze under the stars and continue the nostalgia:

It's worth staying up late to observe the surreal glow of the moonlight reflecting off the stones at night. You'll want to take a moment to halt and take in the sea vistas and lush grassy slopes that stretch out in front of you as the sun rises.

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Kas, Turkey

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