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Kaş Marina is a port that will satisfy the marina requirement along the coastline from Fethiye to Kemer and is irreplaceable for those who love the sea, with service buildings, a yacht club, restaurants, stores, and all amenities for yachters.

High-end houses with breathtaking sea views have flooded the steep mountain slopes around the bay, while upscale artisan hotels, coffee shops, and bistros have taken over the back alleys.

Things to do at Kas Marina:

  • Take the level of excitement a notch higher:

Several activities are available in this alluring location, including museums, lighthouses, and Kas's unrivaled beauty. You'll want to spend the most of your time visiting Mother Nature's most breathtaking outdoor sights. This city is a hotspot for summer tourists, with crowded streets and sidewalks, tourist stores, and ice-cream stands. However, you'll also come across quaint old houses, independent shops, and classy eateries.

The harbor serves as the backdrop for countless tourist pictures. The charming structures and bobbing vessels make every photograph a success, whether taking it from a rickety boat or with your feet firmly placed on solid land.

  • Nurture and nourish your relationships in an ideal setting:

It is a charming harbor town in the province of Antalya and the perfect pit break for anybody wishing to escape the well-traveled hotspots. Couples wander along its banks, take boat rides along its water, and have meals at establishments with floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the vistas of this top tourist destination. Families are also avid followers. Take a boat trip, fishing, swimming, waterskiing, or stand-up paddleboarding. The nicest views may be had by strolling along the shore, unwinding in the park, hiking or taking a car up Cadillac Mountain. The scenic reward is well worth the trip to this popular site, wherever you visit it.

  • Relive the effects of the Industrial Revolution here:

Kas Marina is well-equipped and offers a comprehensive variety of options to explore, spanning 1,000 square meters. The picturesque village of Kas Harbor, surrounded by lush forests, is a one-stop destination for yachters' personal and professional needs. In terms of size and capabilities, the dry dock is among the major technological sectors in the area. One hundred fifty land berths and 450 yacht berths are available. In terms of size and purpose, the dry dock is one of the most significant technological sectors in the area. Seven floating piers, a jetty, and mooring options are appropriate for all boat sizes, including super and mega yachts.

  • Get out on the water:

Walking, paragliding and diving are all available nearby for those wanting adventure, and the well-liked day excursion and swimming location is conveniently close to the town. One thing is certain: you'll quickly return for more thanks to the variety of things to do.

  • Make it an out-of-the-ordinary date night or an unforgettable night out:

From this pier, several routes tempt cruise ship passengers to explore the lovely beachfront, go to the town's principal stores and eateries on a track that runs towards Main Street, or unwind in the gardens nearby. One of the nicest spots to visit is the significant jetty, where you can find everything you need, from tacky T-shirts to dining options and scenic ocean views. It's a town with a cosmopolitan vibe and a terrific atmosphere in the evening when shoppers are out, perusing an eclectic mix of handicraft, souvenirs, and carpet stores in the little streets.

  • Science and technology speaks here. Take a lesson:

An obvious setting to showcase ships and other floating objects, such as sailing junks, clippers, and submarines, is along the waterfront.

Due to large Gulets and several bareboat boats crossing anchors, there is frequently some anchor mess. Kaş Marina provides hawser service round-the-clock. Along with the lifting, launching, and high-pressure cleaning services the marina offers, technical workshops within the yard also offer wintering and maintenance services.

  • Serious flavors served up in quintessential coastal style:

A historic town with a cool bohemian vibe, it's a perfect location to relax for sundowner in a hip waterfront café, browse the maze-like labyrinth of stores, or have some traditional lamb or local sea bass for supper.

  • Take in one of nature’s masterpieces nearby:

A tour around the neighboring Greek island of Meis' cobblestone lanes shows not just a Greek church but also a mosque. The island is an excellent area to have a leisurely lunch or sip a refreshing beverage while seeing the fishing boats at work.

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