Kalekoy Harbor

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A little harbour surrounded by restaurants on the ocean and a crusader castle in ruins perched atop a hill may be seen in Kaleköy - Simena. This region consists of a small, isolated village with steep, cobblestone-paved streets, white stone structures, tiny walled gardens, and fruit trees.

A large number of tourists arrive every day by boat from the resorts of Kas and Kalkan , and gullet boats sailing the Turkish Riviera frequently prefer to moor there.

It has evolved into a kind of luxurious yachties' resort with a small number of exorbitant pensions.

Things to do at Kalekoy Harbor:

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the area's extensive historical background:

Located on a slope above Kaleköy's harbor, the charming community of 'High Kaleköy' (previously known as Kastro) was built around a disused Genoese fortification. It is worthwhile to take a seat in the tiny theatre and look out over Kekova Bay.Byzantines occupied this stronghold from the Middle Ages.

  • You should ascend to the castle to take in the breathtaking panorama of the natural world and human history.

There is a beautiful 15 m-wide Greek odeon with seven tiers of seats carved out of the rock. With its battlemented walls still standing to their original height, the stronghold has been admirably conserved. The walk is unquestionably rewarding because it offers breathtaking views of the area.

  • Purchase a souvenir from this refuge for yourself:

In the heart of the village, you'll find a variety of amenities, including a restaurant and a market. You can satisfy the vast majority of your day-to-day requirements by shopping in the central part of the hamlet. In the evenings, gift shops open, and there are kiosks where you can get everything you need for the ideal summer getaway.

  • Take pleasure in swimming in the clear waters of Gokceada, known for their tranquility:

Have you ever gone swimming in the waters surrounding a famous castle? Do it here.

If you are a strong swimmer, you will have the opportunity to explore the extraordinary underwater riches of Gokceada. As a result, you will make both priceless and unforgettable memories. You can also go snorkeling and kayaking in this area if you choose.

  • Go camping and stargaze the vast expanse with sand in your feet:

You can select Kalekoy Harbor as the location for your caravan or tent camping excursion. The free camping area is huge and can be found at the northernmost point of Gokceada.

A wonderful photographic opportunity will present itself in the form of the glistening water and the swaying boats.

  • Take some time to unwind at one of their cafes or find some shade at one of their hidden garden eateries:

After you've had your fill of excitement for the day, unwind and rejuvenate as you sit and enjoy the great view of the village and the Mediterranean Sea from this vantage point.

Along the seashore, you can discover fish restaurants, tea shops, and motels.

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Address of Kalekoy Harbor

Kaleköy Limanı, 17760 Kaleköy/Gökçeada/Çanakkale, Türkiye

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