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Just change the name of Seaside Kas to Heaven. If you're looking for gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, delectable cuisine, and a relaxed atmosphere, the Turquoise Coast in southern Turkey will be your paradise. The Narr Beach is the best location on the Turquoise Coast, so look no further.

Things to do at Narr Beach:

  • Get mesmerized by the hues of nature: You would imagine it to be a Photoshop trick when you look at the water and golden sands of Narr beach, where blue, green, and yellow hues are intermingled. However, you'll realize that the beach is genuine when you look at it from above, and you'll be fascinated.

  • A favorite spot for daytrippers to participate in all that the beach offers: The beach, about 50 meters long, will entice you with its crystal-clear water and air-permeated holiday scent. In the hottest heat, you may cool down at Narr Beach since the water there is cool from the spring that emerges from the sea. As the water flows from the canyon and flows underground, gliding between the sands on the seashore, you can plunge into the cool, turquoise water.

  • Give way to some low-key affairs: Narr Beach's core values are beach, friends, and coastal classics. It is where casual social gatherings effortlessly come together and are situated in the sandy coastal neighborhood. Your vacation will be enjoyable and laid-back thanks to the lush surroundings and appealing turquoise ocean.

  • Just take pleasure in revitalizing your spirit: Narr Beach's wonderful ambiance will help you forget your year's fatigue. You can unwind, sunbathe, swim, and enjoy various drinks and delectable meals in a refreshing and pleasurable ambiance on a high balcony facing the beach at the café and private beach. Swimmers and sunbathers should head straight for the white sand and long, curved bay of Ayazma beach, which also has a nice selection of small cafés and restaurants on the road close behind the bay, as well as sun loungers and umbrellas that can be rented. It is also a tranquil location because loud music is not played there.

  • Indulge in the simple pleasures of food in the middle of sun, sand, and surf: Regional and local flavors influence the cuisine, and it is served on the patio's covered tables for traditional dining.

  • Locals and travelers alike seek out Kas year-round for its dependable hospitality and familiar comfort: Orea Meyhane is 50 meters away and serves Turkish cuisine close to 1.5 km away.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Narr Beach

Andifli, Hükümet Cd., 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

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