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Kas Municipality Public Beach, located in one of the Cukurbag Peninsula's most picturesque bays, stands out from others in the area due to its lengthy, sandy coastline bordered by vegetation, its calm sea, and its accessibility.

Being near a canyon gives this beach particular significance, and the rugged coastline bordered by green mountains is picturesque. The turquoise hue of the sea is due to constant flows of pure natural springs that originate in the mountains.

Due to its position, the sand and gravel beach offers a typically calm and tranquil atmosphere. Let's also emphasize that families with young children should exercise caution because the water grows deeper beyond the eighth to tenth meters.

Things to do at Kas Municipality Public Beach:

  • The turquoise water provides the ideal respite from the summer heat.

Go there early to get your ideal place on the sand and secure one of the few available sun loungers. Park along the road and proceed to the beach by following the trail. The water is a stunning shade of blue, starting off brilliant turquoise and transitioning to navy blue as it moves outward.

  • Bring out your inner child in the sun, sand and sea:

Two platforms made of blue and white extend into the water from the beach. If you want to leap into the sea, you can proceed to the last of these platforms.The little dock that is atop the wooden platform can also be used.Additionally, there is a floating pier where you may demonstrate your cannonball skills. Maybe not, however if you want to amuse the kids on your day trip, it is perfect.

  • Swimming and snorkeling are both quite enjoyable in the beach's water.

The Kas Municipality Public Beach is a favored swimming spot for visitors who are staying in Kas. Those that stay a while return again and time again. It is popular due to its closeness to the city and stunning ocean. Ince Bogaz and Hidayet Beach are also nearby. There are several little fish for you to see in the ocean, moderate waves, and clean water.

  • Indulge in local delicacies:

There is a restaurant and a café on the Kas Municipality Beach. It offers a lovely mood thanks to the tropical tassels hanging from the ceiling. Each table has a view of the sea and is built of wood, as are the chairs. You can bring your own meals as well.

  • Safe haven for sandplay:

Just beyond the restaurant, there is a little playground with a swing, a slide, and a few exercise equipment for kids. Due to the beach's combination with a park, this beach is suitable for families with young children.

  • Adults can enjoy their own or partners' company:

This is one of the few locations in Kas where you may lay down on the grass to sunbathe. There are sun loungers also on the wooden platform and on the pebble beach, respectively, are some of the sun loungers and umbrellas. A small area of grass runs parallel to the shore and is ideal for sunbathing. On this lawn, you may lay down your towels and unwind while surrounded by palm palms. The grass always remains cold, no matter how hot the sun gets. There is also a separate area of this beach designated exclusively for ladies, where you are welcome to swim. This area is likewise free to enter and is similarly orderly and tidy.

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Kas, Turkey

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Kas Municipality Public Beach