Hidayet Cove

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Hidayet Cove, one of the numerous exquisite coves on the well-known Cukurbag Peninsula, is consistently rated as one of Kas's best coves.

It is a quaint beach tucked away in a cove where the water meets the craggy mountains, and it is truly gorgeous. There is never enough time to visit this unique location, which has a little beach with crystal-clear water and is surrounded by cliffs. It is undoubtedly a piece of Turkish heaven!

The underwater life is fantastic, and many sea turtles swim around chasing after vibrant schools of fish. This beach is appropriate for solo travelers and lovers of relaxing getaways.

Things to do at Hidayet Cove:

  • Take a break after a hectic detour: The beach is relatively modest, but humble still means lovely in Kas! But that doesn't mean it isn't worth going to in the middle of the day to cool off. It is the most practical choice if you are craving a great plunge, and trust us; you will want to head to the sea to refresh after a morning of visiting the Kas' lovely downtown streets.

  • Spend the day floating in the pure, lovely waters. Or bring your mask and visit one of the town's best snorkeling beaches!

  • An immersive natural experience both on and offshore: The bay's seagrass fields are alive with activity day and night. Moray eels and larger fish can be found deep down on the bare rocks that slope down to 32 meters to the east of the little cape. The moment you put on your goggles and plunge under the water of this thrilling cove, you'll discover an entirely new universe. Lionfish, Mediterranean dam fish, bonito, pufferfish, and cornette fish are some examples of marine life.

  • Bask in the glory of rich flora and fauna: This private bay beach provides the opportunity to unwind in the shade of olive trees and vibrant flowering trees in a pleasant atmosphere, enjoying its clear and pure blue waters, where the Mediterranean waters meet with olive trees.

  • Hospitality at its best: Blanca Beach Hotel has served Hidayet Cove since 2015. This company offers beachside sun loungers, umbrella rentals, a hotel, and restaurants.

  • A beach vacation is incomplete without tans and coconuts: Many eateries take advantage of this location being among the best in town for seeing a spectacular sunset. And the majority of folks will be found relaxing with their preferred vacation juices.

  • Kids can let their playfulness come alive here: A modest aqua park with slides and a jumping platform for children (or adults) is located near this beach. The beach is also found in a safe bay with quiet water that is ideal for children.
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Address of Hidayet Cove

Andifli, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

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