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Akcagerme is a popular destination for Kas summer visitors due to its proximity to Kas. It is one of the few sandy beaches along Kas's rocky coast and was given the blue flag certification in 2009. It is a highly vibrant location that benefits from the surrounding landscape, water, and little islands.

Things to do at Acagerme Beach:

  • Feel the touch of the sand: The sea floor and the coastline are covered with sand and tiny stones. You'll feel as though you're walking on air. The rocks don't have sharp edges because decades of waves have softened them off. The sea is serene and astonishingly clear. Nevertheless, the 18-km stretch of sand is as soft as you could dream of, and you can always find a place to set up a towel.

  • The friendliness extends beyond and adds to the appeal for all: The quiet, waveless water at Akcagerme distinguishes it from other beaches in Kas. The sea is not deep, and you may stroll into it for several meters. Because it is tranquil and shallow, it is more appealing to families with young children. Children especially like playing on this beach. Bringing a mask and snorkel is essential since there are many fish and a good probability of seeing Caretta turtles.

  • Prepare to skip a beat when you see the mesmerizing stretch: The waves of Akcagerme, a Mediterranean beach town situated in the province of Antalya in southern Turkey, will mesmerize you. The sea is a magnificent green color, in contrast to the other beaches of Kas. Before you even descend to the beach from Kas, you'll notice that this hue seems to go well with the pine trees that line the shore.

  • Invigorate your senses with Vitamin Sea and D: You may hire sun loungers, umbrellas, and canopies or spread out your blanket on a vacant beach area, take in the sun, and take in the water. You may hire one of the stylish canopies near the end of the beach if you'd like to avoid the sun. The restrooms and showers are accessible for beachgoers, should you wish for a rejuvenating bath after a day in the sun. •There is always room for more fun: At Akcagerme, there is also a kid-friendly water park. There are two pools and three slides of various colors at the park.

  • Your tastebuds will swoon with the bon appetit all time, every time: There is no doubting that the surroundings are lovely, but the excellent onsite restaurant offers you all your favorite Turkish classics (sometimes with a smile). On top of the rocky cliffs close to the beach lies the Tourism Park Country Restaurant (Turizm Park Kir Lokantasi). It is a fantastic location with a lovely coast view that stretches from Akcagerme to Kas. The restaurant is surrounded by pine trees, providing greater shade than the beach. Additionally, you are permitted to bring your meat or fish and cook it at one of their barbecues.

  • Be Zen-like and enjoy the stillness: Akcaderme is the glamorous star of Turkey's booming coastal tourism industry. In this unassuming, sun-drenched location, bohemians and intellectuals rule. Despite the nearby main road, the beach is often tranquil and quiet. This is the ideal location to unwind and read a book.

  • Comfort is prioritized here: You can also find everything you need for a nice day in the sun, including places to eat, restrooms, and even comfortable grass.

  • Enjoy the outdoors with camping: On the opposite side of the street, beside Akcagerme beach, is a campground. The establishment is known as 'Muhtarin Yeri Yoruk Sofrasi ve Kamping' (Muhtar's Place Yuruk Kitchen and Camping), and you can bring your tent or rent one there.
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Address of Akcagerme Beach

Kas, Turkey

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