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Osu has the strongest magnetic draw on young people in Accra. People of all ages from the near and far throng its streets for the casinos, restaurants, clubs, cafes, fast food places, and boutiques, making it one of Ghana's most popular and active cultural hubs.

It is a neighborhood in Accra that is near the city's core. The Ga ethnic group had historically resided in close-knit coastal fishing settlements. But it has developed into a network of international neighborhoods. The main thoroughfare that runs through the center of the district, Oxford Street, is where much of the action is centered. However, this street is nothing like the favorite retail district in London because it passes through a primarily residential area while having a sizable number of shops and office buildings on either side of the street.

Because of its population and the range of activities it offers, this small town in Ghana's premier cultural destination. It has seafood restaurants, movie theatres, street food vendors, and art and artisan shops all within walking distance of one another.


  • Make sure to visit one of the many restaurants and eateries, both local and international. Consider a small brunch or ice cream at a cafe like Pinocchio or Frankie's to unwind and think. You might also go to Tea Baa, a small, cozy restaurant with the tastiest cold teas and a unique interior design with African influences that will make you feel at home.

  • Other restaurants in Osu where you may get traditional Ghanaian foods like fufu and goat soup include Chez Clarisse and Buka Restaurant. Local street foods including kenkey with grilled tilapia, banku, crabs, oysters, and octopus can be found in plenty at the night market.

  • The market opens each day at 6 o'clock. It is mostly a food market and has a bazaar-like appearance. Local fishermen from Ladabi and Jamestown travel here to sell their catch in front of sheds that are lit by kerosene lamps and colored lights. The ancient fishing communities are also great sites to learn about Ga culture and see how British colonial culture has influenced the venerable architecture.


  • You'll be able to dance all night long under the stars to the live band or some of Accra's best DJs spinning spiritual afro-house and funky sets. Shake off the week's tension while dancing to the newest local and international tunes in clubs like Venus, Bella Roma, Carbon, and Twist (located just outside Osu) with some of Accra's hippest people.
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