Centre for National Culture, Accra

Accra Arts Centre is another name for Ghana's capital city's Centre for National Culture. The traditional textile market and arts and crafts bazaar at the Centre in Ghana are the greatest places to go and purchase locally made, one-of-a-kind traditional goods such as sculptures, jewelry, beads, woven kente cloths, carvings, leather bags, African clothing, and woven baskets.

The art galleries and a variety of other traditional items that showcase Ghana's history and traditions as well as handicrafts from other nearby nations would be something you would admire. At the entrance to the main hall, there is a bulletin board that lists plans, programs, and cultural events.

The market struggle you may experience is an intriguing item that could improve your experience. You must walk through Tema Station, a bustling market in Accra Central, before reaching the Accra Arts Centre.

You would respect such a business strategy in which vendors constantly attempt to persuade onlookers to purchase their wares by speaking to them in a manner that is sweetly worded to catch their attention.

When visiting Accra Arts Centre, any attire that will make it simple for you to try on additional attire you may wish to buy once there is appropriate. With permission, it is possible to take pictures of traders, interesting things, and other people. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants, banks, and lodging options nearby to fulfill your needs.


  • The most famous fabric from West Africa is called kente, and it is known for its vivid colors and symmetrical designs that are handwoven into strips of cloth. In Akan tradition, the fabric is revered greatly and is worn on special occasions.

  • Since the majority of the local artists are not well known, paintings are typically affordable locally. You can find excellent pieces that show both traditional heroes and modern situations. Instead of going to the Arts Centre, for more serious work, check out some of the top galleries where you can confirm authenticity.


  • The Arts Centre is located close to Black Star Square along the coast. As soon as you arrive, hawkers come at you from all directions, but if you are not worn out by the commotion, you can find baskets, drums, rugs, carvings, textiles, sandals, sculptures, stools, bags, beads, and perhaps antiquities if you look hard enough. You can find some amazing treasures and gifts there.

  • The best course of action is to get past the congestion that you'll unavoidably experience at the entry and move toward the complex's back, where things are a little calmer. Negotiation is expected. There is also a gallery where prints and paintings can be purchased for affordable prices.
  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Centre for National Culture, Accra

28th February Road, High Street, Accra Ghana

Opening & Closing time of Centre for National Culture, Accra

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Centre for National Culture, Accra