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Europe by Air

Europe is well connected by flights to the rest of the world. There are many airlines flying to and from Europe such as Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, American Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Air India, Air Berlin, Delta, United and many more.

What constitutes Europe?

Europe stretches over 10,180,000 square kilometers. It is the second smallest continent in the world that has the world’s smallest country Vatican City. Europe comprises of 50 sovereign states each with their distinct history and culture. The countries in Europe include Germany, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Greece etc.

Languages spoken

About 225 languages are spoken in Asia including German, Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese and others.

Taste of Europe

Europe is the birthplace of many favourite dishes around the world. Pizza, pasta, different kinds of meat, dumplings, pastries etc. are popular in this continent.

Weather in Europe

Europe lies in the temperate climate zone and has mild climate. However, during winters it can get very cold. If you’re someone who enjoys snowfall, then visiting Europe during winters might be for you. The summers in Europe are usually pleasant.

Top destinations in Europe

Europe is one of the most travelled continents in the world. Every country in Europe has something unique to offer and its charm makes you want to come back to it again and again. Among the many beautiful destination of Europe, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Athens, Vienna are a few.

Why visit Europe?

Europe casts a spell on everyone who sets its foot on it. It is like an enchantress that captures your heart with just one look. The continent boasts of innumerable tourist attractions such as Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London, various enchanting castles in Germany, art and fashion galleries in Italy, wonderful coasts of Greece…and the list goes on.