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    Visa Free Countries for UAE

    For UAE residents, who want to escape the long queues of visa processing, here’s great news. UAE Passport is one of the strongest in the world with 107 countries in the list that allow visa free travel. Yes, you heard it right. So, now all you have to do is, pull up your sock, pick your dream country, grab your camera, and pack your bags.

    List of Visa Free Countries if You Hold a UAE Passport

    1. Albania

    A country in Europe where nature is found so abundantly that you can enjoy lofty mountains, sunny beaches and many archeological sites to marvel at.

    2. Andorra

    A land of deep sinking valleys, sky high peaks, dazzling snow and Romanesque churches jammed between Spain and France.

    3. Antigua and Barbuda

    These Caribbean Islands have as many beaches as there are days in a year. Yup, 365 beaches (Looking at all beachoholics).

    4. Argentina

    A nation in South America full of natural and cultural bounty in the form of glacial lakes, Andes Mountains, Pampas grassland, tango and much more.

    5. Armenia

    Home to a rich culture, historical monuments, awe-inspiring landscape and definitely a land worth exploring.

    6. Austria

    Austria is a country where modern and traditional walk hand in hand. The Alpines, the museums, the cafes, and the architecture everything tells a story in this country.

    7. Bahamas

    An archipelago of 700 islands, 2,500 cays, coral reefs, 500 miles of beaches, golf courses- Bahamas is truly a paradise on Earth for a relaxing and refreshing vacation.

    8. Barbados

    An island famous for its fine beaches, amazing gardens, rocking nightlife, historical wonders, and ever inviting natives.

    9. Belarus

    A country where you can experience the wonder of architecture, history, and forests.

    10. Belgium

    Belgium is home to beautiful architecture, hard to resist restaurants, amazing canals and a landscapes that are soothing to eyes.

    11. Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Home to historic towns, wonderful nature, vibrant cities, delicious cuisine, rich culture- Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fantastic country to travel.

    12. Botswana

    Camp in forests of Botswana and enjoy safari rides while gazing at incredible wildlife spectacles in this African country.

    13. Brazil

    Brazil- a land of spectacular beauty full of mesmerizing beaches, lush rainforests and diverse wildlife, dazzling cityscapes, soothing waterfalls, red-rock canyons and tropical islands.

    14. Brunei

    A small country on the island of Borneo sandwiched between Malaysia and South China Sea is famous for its water village, mosques, museums, palace and national park.

    15. Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is adventure seasoned with glimmering beaches, dazzling mountains, glittering nightlife, astounding art, and unforgettable history.

    16. Burkina Faso

    The enchanting land of hand painted villages, friendly natives, musical traditions, make-you-want-to-buy handicrafts and the rolling savannah.

    17. Canada

    A country with an artistic flair, cultural twist, glorious nature, coastal line, lip-smacking food, and to-die-for landscapes.

    18. Chad

    Adventurous land of deserts, wildlife, lakes- a complete all in one package.

    19. Chile

    Andes Mountains, Easter Island, volcanoes, forests, lakes- you name it and Chile has it.

    20. China

    The land of antiquity, breathtaking architectural wonders, world famous cuisine, and stunning scenery.

    21. Colombia

    A country lined by Andean peaks, clear Caribbean coat, incredible Amazon jungles, breathtaking archaeological sites, and traces of colonial rule in the form of architecture, communities and so on.

    22. Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country that has it all from beaches, rivers, waterfalls, volcanoes, rain forests, diverse flora and fauna, to cultural diversity.

    23. Croatia

    A perfect travel destination for a beach holiday and balmy days. Relax by the Mediterranean coast and walk in the ancient walled towns in Coatia.

    24. Cyprus

    Cyprus is the beautiful & the third largest Mediterranean island that is popular as a tourist destination for its attractive beaches, maze and the colorful streets.

    25. Czech Republic

    Bask in the cradle of Czech culture and marvel at the Gothic architecture and charming castles and chateaux.

    26. Denmark

    A charming country with great architecture, cheerful lifestyle, Viking feel, and amazing dining options.

    27. Dominica

    This nature island is a treat for eco-tourists. It boasts of boiling lake, champagne reef, volcano, hot springs, and diving and hiking places.

    28. Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic enjoys a diverse geographical climate with eye-catching views of mountains, deserts, beaches and also imperial architecture.

    29. Ecuador

    Picturesque towns, alluring beaches, Kichwa villages, magnificent Andes, and Amazonian rainforests- a few words that describe this beautiful country.

    30. Egypt

    Get lost in the timelessness of Egypt with its time-defeating monuments, the longest flowing river, and enthralling desert.

    31. El Salvador

    A country in Central America with one of the best coasts in the world and with naturally blessed with volcanoes, coffee plantations, and beaches.

    32. Estonia

    A North European country comprising of over 1,500 islands, enticing beaches, overgrown forests, peaceful lakes, awe-inspiring castles, fortresses and churches.

    33. Fiji

    A marvelous island with lovely beaches, intriguing culture, green interiors and a great marine adventure.

    34. Finland

    The home of Santa Clause and his reindeer. It is absolutely remarkable with mountains, waterfall, bays and the most spectacular Northern Lights.

    35. France

    The most fashionable, artistic, romantic… even an exhausting list of adjectives would not suffice to describe the beauty of this magnanimous land.

    36. Gambia

    Bask by the golden beaches in the shade of palm trees or take a tour of sleepy fishing villages. Gambia has rich coastal reserves and its charming lagoons are a cherry on top.

    37. Georgia

    Considered to be one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, it is sprinkled with vineyards, churches, watchtowers on mountains. It is a paradise for walkers, horse riders, cyclists, skiers, rafters and all kinds of travelers.

    38. Germany

    Germany is a tempting country to visit with its jolly culture, attractive cities, i-wanna-have-one-more-look-at-it kind of scenery and a thought provoking architecture.

    39. Greece

    Mythical land with olive groves, exquisite beaches, engrossing culture, yummy food and a hub for artistic activities.

    40. Grenada

    The Spice Island where the smell of nutmeg is in the air. It’s also the fruit island and the beach island as it has a plethora of everything.

    41. Guatemala

    The land of the famous Maya civilization never fails to impress tourists with its stunning landscapes and several centuries old history.

    42. Haiti

    Serene beaches, beautiful waterfalls, mountains laden with pine trees create an outstanding landscape in Haiti. Moreover, its music, art and culture have a profound impact on travelers.

    43. Honduras

    Home to white beaches edged by a massive barrier reef, lush mountain tops, raftable river streams, and diverse species of birds.

    44. Hungary

    Hungary is one of the most beautiful European countries. It has brilliant architecture, soul-stirring folk art, relaxing thermal spas and the most happening cities in Europe.

    45. Iceland

    This Arctic country has a bountiful of active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers, ice fields, and fjords.

    46. Indonesia

    Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country; diverse in every way. Rich in food, culture, festivities; it also offers great tourists spots in terms of beaches and volcanoes.

    47. Ireland

    Known as Emerald Isle, this country is rich in natural landscape and also man-made sites- museums, pre-historical sites; outdoor activities include horse riding, golfing, and sailing to remote and wild islands.

    48. Italy

    Italy will give you goosebumps and move you to the core of your heart with its amazing works of architecture, art, gastronomy and cuisine.

    49. Japan

    Japan is well known for its eccentricities. It is an enchanting land of dazzling landscapes and strong cultural identity.

    50. Jordan

    Jordan is home to many World heritage sites, bustling towns and exciting desert landscapes.

    51. Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan is a great country to explore with mountains, valleys, wildlife, desert and underground mosques.

    52. South Korea

    South Korea is heaven for K-Pop and K-Drama lovers. In addition, it boasts of beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, and thousands of years old history and culture.

    53. Kyrgyzstan

    This is the country where you get to experience true nomadic culture along with breathtaking wonders of nature. Visit Kyrgyzstan with complete guide.Read Here

    54. Latvia

    Being a Baltic gem, Latvia welcomes every visitor to discover its ancient castles, stunning valleys, and miles-long sea shores.

    55. Lebanon

    Lebanon is a fascinating Mediterranean nation brimming with beach resorts, magnificent mountain vistas, vibrant nightlife, ancient ruins, and much more.

    56. Liechtenstein

    Nestled on lovely mountain setting, Liechtenstein is a beautiful country to enjoy numerous hiking trails and ski and winter activities.

    57. Lithuania

    Recognized as one of the European gems, Lithuania is a nature lover’s delight to explore its dense forests, rivers, lakes, and numerous UNESCO world heritage sites.

    58. Luxembourg

    With multitude of fascinating landscapes, Luxembourg is a land locked country and the best choice for family-friendly holidays.

    59. Macedonia

    Being a hidden gem of the Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia is home to idyllic villages, grand historic sites, and many more.

    60. Malaysia

    With a diverse culture, continental food, amazing jungles, and tropical climate a trip to Malaysia will offer you ever-lasting memories.

    61. Mali

    Being a land locked country of West Africa, Mali is often overlooked by tourists. Packed with breathtaking landscapes, legendary cities, and captivating culture, Mali is a must-visit country without further ado.

    62. Malta

    Regardless of its compact size, Malta is home to history, beaches, beautiful landscapes, and warm welcomes.

    63. Mauritius

    Packed with numerous mesmerizing waterfalls, invigorating cities, and fascinating beauty, Mauritius is a year-round destination to explore.

    64. Micronesia

    Home to more than 600 islands, Micronesia offers captivating landscapes, numerous tourist facilities and endless scenery opportunities.

    65. Moldova

    A charming spot nestled between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is an emerging country with captivating unspoiled countryside.

    66. Monaco

    Good things comes in small package. Taste the best cuisine, dive deep into sea, cruise the coast in a Supercar, do whatever you want because Monaco never disappoints.

    67. Montenegro

    Montenegro is beautifully described as “the most beautiful meeting of land and sea on this planet” by Lord Byron. It’s time to explore this tiny European country if you’re looking for best getaway.

    68. Morocco

    With beautiful scenery, fascinating towns, highest sand dunes, Morocco is a unique choice to explore. It is one of those places that stays with you long after you’ve left.

    69. Nauru

    Despite size of the country, Nauru boasts an interesting history, off the beaten path destinations, and intriguing scenery.

    70. Netherlands

    Plan your visit to the land of blooming colors, windmills, and illuminated canal life.

    71. New Zealand

    New Zealand is a land of action. Discover the land where the world’s first commercial bungee jump was operated.

    72. Nicaragua

    Scale a volcano, trek a rain forest, laze around on the beach or go deep into the canyons. Do whatever you want because Nicaragua has place for everyone.

    73. Norway

    Home to magnificent glaciers, breathtaking landscapes, awestruck fjords, Norway must be explored once-in-a-lifetime.

    74. Panama

    From turquoise waters to coffee plantations, and dense forests, Panama is once-in-a-lifetime destination.

    75. Philippines

    Philippines is a truly wonderful spectacle of nature with beach waters. If you’re searching for a getaway to escape from the bustling city life, then Philippines is the place to be.

    76. Poland

    Located on central Europe, Poland is a perfect choice for a weekend getaway or peaceful beach escape.

    77. Portugal

    Portugal is crammed with great culture, history, great outdoors, beautiful beaches, and fantastic food, makes all visitors keep coming back for many times.

    78. Romania

    Romania is a land of contrasts with castles, epic mountains, thick forests, and snow-capped mountains.

    79. Rwanda

    Rwanda is a country of surreal encounters and safari surprises. Plan your trip to Rwanda and embrace your holiday.

    80. Saint Kitts and Nevis

    Saint Kitts and Nevis is a two island-nation that combines beautiful beaches and spellbinding mountains.

    81. Saint Lucia

    Home to popular luxury resorts, fishing villages, lush rainforests, turquoise waters, Saint Lucia has a lot for intrepid travelers.

    82. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    With beaches backed by luxury resorts, stunning outdoors, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines must feature on your wish-list.

    83. San Marino

    San Marino is a landlocked country surrounded by Italy. Its amazing history and architecture make the country a unique choice for a holiday.

    84. São Tomé and Príncipe

    São Tomé and Príncipe is a two-island nation that blends natural wonders with fascinating history. This beautiful country must be on everyone’s wish-list, particularly eco-tourists.

    85. Senegal

    Nestled on the tip of a peninsula, Senegal invites everyone to experience mesmerizing boat trips, amazing biodiversity, and many more.

    86. Serbia

    Abundant in waterfalls, caves, hikes, gorges, and hypnotizing architecture, Serbia is the most off the beaten path destination in the Balkans.

    87. Seychelles

    The island of Seychelles is more than sun, sea and sand. Plan your trip these tropical islands and experience pleasant weather, hiking trails, authentic food and much more.

    88. Singapore

    Singapore is one of the happiest and the most happening places of Asia. Plan your holiday to Singapore now and discover why it is emerging as one of Asia’s hit-list destinations.

    89. Slovakia

    Land of beauty awaits you with its castles, mountains, national parks, picturesque mountains lakes, and much more.

    90. Slovenia

    Filled with snow-capped peaks, turquoise waters, miles-long coastline, Slovenia is just other-worldly.

    91. Solomon Islands

    If you’re looking for sun, sea, sand, remoteness, palm trees, and best weather, then should probably include Solomon Islands on your bucket-list.

    92. Spain

    Are you looking for a getaway with Islamic attractions as well as sun drenched islands, fascinating fishing villages? Then Spain must be on your cards for your next holiday.

    93. Sudan

    Plan your holiday to the country where Blue Nile meets the White Nile.

    94. Swaziland

    Exciting wildlife watching? Adrenaline-rush activities? Stunning scenery? Swaziland has all that listed.

    95. Sweden

    Home to frozen wastelands, fascinating forests, craggy mountains and reindeer herders Sweden is a perfect destination that would steal your heart certainly.

    96. Switzerland

    With varied things from skiing, snowboarding, mountain adventures, hiking trails , Switzerland is a traveler's paradise.

    97. Thailand

    Thailand is just more than a destination to experience its radiating golden hues from shiny temples, and crystal clear beaches through great outdoors.

    98. Tonga

    Home to more than 170 islands Tonga is a great getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle city lives and spend holiday under the radar.

    99. Tunisia

    Tunisia is a land of sun-drenched cities and sand dunes with quite lot of historical sites.

    100. Ukraine

    Amazing nature, peculiar traditions, ancient architecture, and a lot more reasons makes you to plan a trip to Ukraine.

    101. Uruguay

    A country quite famous for its amazing beaches, colonial cities, historical attractions, and ever inviting locals.

    102. Vanuatu

    A land of deserted beaches, flashy resorts, and numerous world-class diving opportunities, Vanuatu is just perfect for your holiday.

    103. Vatican City

    A heady mix of attractions, museums, gardens, and galleries, the Vatican City keeps you busy for several days.

    104. Bahrain

    With sun-baked deserts, unconventional architecture, luxury hotels, Bahrain is laid-back getaway for you holidays.

    105. Kuwait

    From historical wonders, numerous camping and hiking opportunities, traditional souks, to modern-day developments, Kuwait is loaded with holiday activities..

    106. Oman

    Wrapped in history and modern charm, Oman remains a dreamy destination for many travelers.

    107. Saudi Arabia

    Brimming with the marvels sand dunes, illuminated cities, trove of mysteries, it’s hard to adjudge the beauty of the country.

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