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Iglesia Colegial del Salvador is an established and historical Baroque-style church located in the old quarter of Valencia, Spain. It was founded by Don Luis de Crespi in 1590 and rebuilt between 1680 and 1706 with sweeping segments adding new levels of style to earlier external elements from the 15th century. The ceiling hosts a stunning display of intricate stucco decoration made apparent by gilded plan touches and framed windows, and eight lateral chapels along the walls contribute to its remarkable façade.

Inside Casa Esser (1748) claims most of the attention with its lavishly adorned altar that has been crafted using elaborate columns, painted statues, incense burners, and many other religious symbols. Additionally, there are several pieces of artwork that one can find throughout Iglesia Collegial del Salvador - such as a painting of the Virgen Peregrina done in 1733 that accompanies many other valuable treasures on display.


In 1671, the mosque was demolished. The baroque church was constructed here by Leonardo de Figueroa between 1674 and 1712, a period in which the building saw one collapse. In the current church, sturdy construction piles were erected to ensure that it wouldn't happen again. The church is notable for its gorgeous main altar, gilded woodwork, and numerous frescoes.

Why should one visit the Iglesia Colegial del Salvador?

The Iglesia Colegial del Salvador is an impressive religious landmark located in the heart of Ourense, Spain. Its striking architecture dates back to the Romanesque period and features two beautiful towers and a stunning façade composed of five arches with various figures carved into it.

The interior is equally captivating, featuring intricately decorated vaults of Gothic style and a magnificent main altarpiece where visitors can be fascinated by a rich display of sculptures, paintings, canvases, and altarpieces from different periods. Tourists visiting the area will not only enjoy admiring the intricate details but also learning about its fascinating history as this church has long stood at the center of spiritual activity in Ourense for over 700 years.

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Address of Iglesia Colegial del Salvador

Plaza del Salvador, 41004 Seville Spain

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Iglesia Colegial del Salvador

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