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The Dukes of Medinaceli's primary residence is La Casa de Pilatos (Pilate's House), a spectacular Andalusian mansion in Seville. It has elements from the Italian Renaissance with a Mudéjar-inspired construction. It was built between the 15th and 16th centuries and is situated in the historical district. With a remarkable design, an artifact collection, and a rich history, it is one of the best-preserved structures from that period.

A view into the magnificent architecture of former eras may be seen in the palace's Gothic crest, magnificently adorned chambers, Renaissance-style marble gate, and typical Andalusian courtyard with a fountain. 24 busts of Spanish kings, Roman emperors, and other famous people surround the courtyard, contributing to its attractiveness. There are two more gardens with magnificent plateresque ornamentation.

A sizable collection of artifacts, including artwork from the 16th to the 19th century, is also housed in the palace. Among the masterpieces are Sebastiano del Piombo's Pietà, Francisco Goya's bullfight, and Giuseppe Recco's still life. Additionally, it has a chapel with antique furniture, numerous manuscripts, and Gothic and Mudéjar-inspired decor. This palace is open to the public all year round, albeit it is only partially occupied right now.

Why should one visit the Casa de Pilatos?

  • Explore the Casa de Pilatos, one of the best examples of 16th-century Andalusian architecture and a must-see on every trip to Seville.
  • Admire the magnificent building, which combines Renaissance, Baroque, and Mudejar elements.
  • Admire the ornately decorated apartments, gardens, Gothic crest, dome, and Renaissance-style marble gate of this building.
  • With a guide, tour the palace to discover its fascinating past and experience a sense of time travel.
  • View the tiles, mosaics, and Roman art on the altar by visiting the Chapel of Flagellation.


These two gardens, often known as the main and little gardens, give the palace a lush feel. Italianate loggias with classical statues surround the sizable garden, which was previously an orchard. There is also a modest cave in a particular area of the garden. The tiny garden contains a fountain that depicts a youthful Bacchus and a tranquil pond.

House of Pilate:

The first Marquis of Tarifa, who established a Way of the Cross with twelve stations leading to the shrine, is credited with coining the term House of Pilate, which refers to the royal residence of the Dukes of Medinaceli. The mansion came to be renowned throughout history as belonging to the House of Pilate.

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Address of Casa de Pilatos

Plaza Pilatos 1, 41003 Seville Spain

Opening & Closing time of Casa de Pilatos

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