Al Fizayah Beach

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Salalah, the capital city of the Dhofar Governorate in Southern Oman, is home to Al Fizayah Beach, a mesmerizing pristine beach. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Oman, with turquoise waters and glistening white sand spreading over a 2-kilometer coastline. It is an excellent location for beach enthusiasts, sunbathers, and those looking for an ideal picnic spot or a romantic sunset with a loved one.

Amenities and facilities:

The Al Fizayah Beach area has an array of amenities and facilities like parking spaces, public restrooms, umbrellas, seating arrangements, snack bars, and cafes to cater to all family needs. The Al Fizayah Beach picnic area is also found nearby, which is perfect for families with small children. The beach is situated with stunning cliffs as a backdrop, truly making it a picturesque setting. The clean and pleasant environment adds more charm to the beach making it the ideal place to relax and unwind.

Watch dolphins:

One of the most exciting experiences to be had at Al Fizayah Beach is dolphin watching. Visitors can now reserve dolphin-watching boats through a travel agency and enjoy the amazing opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. The warm water temperatures make it an ideal place for dolphins to reside, making it an activity you should not miss during your visit to Al Fizayah Beach.

Best time to visit:

The offseason is considered to be the best time to visit Al Fizayah Beach due to the mild weather conditions. During the offseason, the beach is less crowded, allowing visitors to be more relaxed and tranquil. However, during the peak season, which is usually from October to May, the beach is bustling with tourists, visitors, and locals enjoying the beautiful scenery and of course, sunbathing.

Al Fizayah Beach is a remarkable place for everyone looking for a relaxing and tranquil vacation or day out with family and friends. The spectacular beach is packed full of amenities and facilities, allowing visitors to have the best experience possible. Swimming in glistening sea waters, dolphin watching, and sunbathing are just a few of the things that make Al Fizayah Beach unique and valuable.

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    3 hours 59 minutes

Address of Al Fizayah Beach

west of Al Mughsail, Salalah 211 Oman

Opening & Closing time of Al Fizayah Beach

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    Open 24 Hours
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    Open 24 Hours

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