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The Romans formerly knew the Saudi Arabian town of Diriyah as Dereyeh and Dariyya. It lies in the northern suburbs of Riyadh as the country's capital. The Al Saud royal family's first residence was at Diriyah, which also functioned as the Emirate of Diriyah's administrative center during the first Saudi kingdom. The town currently serves as the Diriyah Governorate's capital.

Ad Diriyah, known for its conventional mud-brick architecture, is home to Al Bujairi, a pedestrianized labyrinth of meandering passageways with cafes and art galleries. The rebuilt Al-Zawihra Mosque and the Diriyah Museum, a former palace displaying Saudi history, are examples of cultural sites.

The ruins, which are nearly entirely made of mud-brick buildings, are split into three districts: Ghussaibah, Al-Mulaybeed, and Turaif, all of which are located on hills overlooking the valley. Turaif in Diriyah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several gardens, palm groves, small farms, estates, and the Al-Ilb dam inside the valley.

The Bath and Guest House, the Qasr Nasr, the Saad Bin Saud Palace (completed by the early 1990s), the Burj Faysal (a wall tower refurbished in the 1980s), and some watchtowers around the wadi are a few of the rebuilt buildings in this town. Muhammad ibn Abd al-mosque Wahhab's location lies beyond the Turaif area, on the other side of the Wadi Hanifa.

How to explore Diriyah?

  • Visit Salwa Palace, which served as the Al Saud Amirs' and Imams' primary palace during the First Saudi State. It is regarded as the largest palace on the property, with four stories.
  • Explore Saad Bin Saud Palace, one of the site's most enormous palaces. It is renowned for having a courtyard that was used as a stable once.
  • The Guest House and At-Turaif Bath House is a conventional structure of several little courtyards with rooms surrounding them. The Bath House is renowned for its various architectural designs and demonstrates how the structure was waterproofed using various plasters.
  • Visit the historic Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab mosque, which has undergone renovations, with only a few original and more modern structures remaining north of the complex.
  • Participate in the Diriyah ePrix, a single-seater, electric-powered Formula E championship race that takes place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
  • Visit the Imam Mohammad bin Saud Mosque to learn more about Saudis' religious instruction.
  • Fans of the game should visit Mosim Park, a football field in the Nakheel neighborhood. The Pride of Diriyah, Mosim FC, a football team, calls this place home.
  • The Al-Bujairi district is renowned for the distinctive architecture of its buildings, which was influenced by the nearby palm trees. Low-lying mud houses that have been turned into gleaming heritage buildings are reached through its maze of winding lanes.
  • Visit the Diriyah Museum, a former palace that features historical Saudi exhibits.
  • Enjoy watching traditional crafts like weaving and calligraphy being demonstrated on the street.
  • Visit shops with lots of trinkets where traditional gifts are displayed to shop for loved ones.
  • The Burj Faysal wall tower is a monument to the city's colorful heritage. Given that it served as the final line of defense, it is also known as the Diriyah Wall.
  • The Wadi Hanifah valley, where date palms border the river, is a well-liked location for picnics by the water, strolls, and cycling.

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Address of Diriyah

Jax 01, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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