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The King Abdulaziz Historical Center, also known as the Saudi National Museum, houses the most extensive collection of personal artifacts that belonged to the renowned emperor. The King Abdulaziz Historical Center, which is 1.5 kilometers to the north of the old city and is situated in Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital. It was constructed on the site of the Murabba Palace's former compound. On the site of the ancient palace compound, several cultural institutions devoted to Saudi history were constructed in 1999, and the ruins of the old palaces were remodeled and repaired to seem as much like the original structure as possible. The historical center for King Abdulaziz is an amalgamation of rich and wealthy royal quarters housing magnificent treasures and royal mementos. The crown gem of the Historical Center is this National Museum of Saudi Arabia. It is renowned for its stunning architecture and eight 'Exhibition Halls' that are each themed around a different period in the region's history, such as Saudi heritage, Arabian culture in Arabia, Arabian kingdoms, The Prophet's Mission, and Islam on the Arabian Peninsula.

How to explore King Abdulaziz Historical Center?

  • The King Abdulaziz Historical Center houses a conference building and an old courtyard house for the authoritative personnel. If permitted to go, visit it to view the architectural vintage interiors.
  • Visit the most traditional mosque present in the center for all the religious drawings or beautiful interiors. Find exhibits of the Prophet Muhammad's Quran and miniature Medina and Makkah architecture here.
  • A gigantic meteorite, a mastodon skeleton, and other fascinating royal items are displayed in the magnificent 'Man and Universe' hall, which is decorated with Arabian, Islamic, and Egyptian architectural marvels. You can also spot prehistoric rocks on displays with 1 BC old writings over them.
  • It hosts a library with a good collection of religious books, royal souvenirs, scriptures, and opulent artifacts gathered by the emperor back then.
  • Visit several parks present there with family embellished mesmerizing water showers and long, green fields.
  • Take kids to this small theme park that is south of the center.
  • Visit a group of traditional homes in the center originally intended to be a part of the museum and are currently used as reception areas for important ceremonies and events.
  • Explore the exhibits at this museum with its well-lit, educational, and interactive displays.
  • Take a stroll through the Museum's lush gardens.
  • Admire the Murabba Palace's relics, or 'living museum,' with its elaborate Diwans.
  • View the historic artwork that now adorns the Art Gallery's hallways.
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Address of King Abdulaziz Historical Center

King Saud Street, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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King Abdulaziz Historical Center

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