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When you are out and about in Lille, it is impossible to miss the town hall's belfry because it is the tallest in all of Europe. It was constructed in the old district of Saint-Saveur after the First World War.

The belfry, which has such a commanding presence in the city, provides unrivaled and unobstructed views in every direction of Lille and the surrounding areas on days when the sky is clear.

Since 2005, UNESCO has recognized the city hall and its belfry as part of the World Heritage list.


Soak in the beautiful vistas:

Climbing to the top of it will reward you with a view that encompasses the entire metropolis of Lille and the area around it.

Even if you don't feel like climbing to the top of the building to take in the panoramic views of the city, the structure's design is worth admiring simply for what it is.

Marvel at the architectural intricacies:

Because of their characteristic triangular gables and red bricks, the belfry and the town hall are reminiscent of the architecture found in Flanders, which is not surprising given the town's proximity to the border with Belgium. The town hall was designed by the architect Emile Dubuisson and built under the mandate of Roger Salengro. The scale of its dimensions and the ingenuity of its plan give the impression that the town hall is quite impressive. The tower's belfry is a massive spire planted on the building's side.

In addition, the belfry has a headlight that was once utilized to notify the local population of upcoming municipal gatherings; however, the headlight is no longer in use.

Address of Beffroi de l'Hotel de Ville

Rue Roger Salengro, 59000, Lille France

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Beffroi de l'Hotel de Ville

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