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This museum is located in a bunker that was utilized during World War 2 as living quarters for members of the German navy.  In a remarkable blockhouse that is 280 square meters in size and is situated in the middle of the city, visitors can learn about the history of La Rochelle from 1939 up until the date of its liberation on May 8, 1945. This date marks the beginning of the city's liberation. 

It was constructed in 1941 under the strictest security after the Hôtel des Etrangers was taken over. Its purpose was to provide German submarine commanders with bomb protection during the war. 


  • Gain an insightful perspective on the historical period as well as the political climate at the time: 

Before entering the underground environment, one must first descend pretty steep stairs. Once inside, they will be transported back by approximately 80 years. The fact that the living quarters were so cramped and constrained is very illuminating and offers some perspective on how people lived during that era. 

  • Take a look at some of the architectural details that were deserving of an effective and efficient defense: 

The building was only a few meters below ground but had reinforced concrete walls two meters thick. It also had a dormitory area and half a dozen separate quarters for the highest-ranking personnel.  It has two large beds, six single rooms, a vast bar, an office, a technical area, and restrooms. It can accommodate a total of 62 officers, and two of the single rooms are designated for the admirals.  On top of the bunker, a brand-new building with modern conveniences is being constructed as an addition. 

Whether you are interested in the Second World War or U-Boats or are just curious about some of the people's lives during the time, a visit is well worth the hour of your time. 

  • Participate in interactive activities: 

Posters and information sheets are displayed on the walls, and newsreel footage from the era is shown on multiple television screens. In addition to reconstructed scenes depicting La Rochelle's occupation, the bunker's construction, and some of the men who lived inside, there are several exhibit cases filled with various artifacts from the period. These exhibit cases can be found throughout the museum.  Strangely, two German women who had been brought here to create frescoes on the walls and ceilings were the ones who did the work. 

  • Observe the aesthetics that have withstood the test of time: 

The pub is one of a kind in France because it has been preserved in its original state with its tiles, fake ceiling, and wall paneling. It is now possible to play on a 280-square-meter course on a site that features marine paintings that have been preserved in their original condition.  Annie Chrié and Ruth Monsheimer, both German civilian painters, hailing from Hamburg, were responsible for the entirety of its sea fresco decoration. 

  • Recognize the critical part that each of the units played: 

Officers from the 3rd German Submarine Flotilla, who were staying immediately above in the Hôtel des Etrangers, frequently visited the underground unit throughout the 350 air alerts that La Rochelle experienced during the war.  There were also alarms and frequent visits from members of the Air Force who were stationed at the Hôtel des Etrangers or were invited by submariners.  They would have highly 'watered' celebrations whenever a crew successfully returned from a mission or whenever they were about to embark on a mission that could last for more than two months at sea. 

  • Discover the many subjects that are discussed in the museum through the use of categorical representations that will lead you through the progression of history: 

At 'The Bunker,' you can choose between several different themes, including the following: 

  • The Bunker of the Third Submarine Fleet - Currently Being Occupied 
  • La Rochelle 
  • The Vichy government
  • Collaboration 
  • La Pallice 
  • The La Rochelle
  • Requisitions from Germany Resistance 
  • Bombardments by the Allies against La Pallice and Lalu 
  • La Rochelle cinema 
  • The Allied forces in the Battle of the Atlantic
  • The Rock Resistance Meyer and Schirlitz 
  • La Rochelle -General De Gaulle 

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    2 hours

Address of Musee Le Bunker de La Rochelle

8 rue des Dames, 17000, La Rochelle, France

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